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Reduce Pain With Our Creams And Cooling Anesthetics

Anesthetics help numb skin to reduce pain and discomfort during plastic surgery or other medical treatments. Your patients want the most comfortable aesthetic treatment possible, and they turn to you for solutions that are best for them to reduce pain. When you are wondering where to buy the best anesthetics for your patients, shop online at Doctor Medica for the most affordable wholesale prices.

A more pleasant experience during an aesthetic procedure can help the patient decide to come back for future treatments, so investing in quality anesthetics is good for business.


Offer A Pain-Free Experience With Non-Injectable Anesthetics

Although minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments, such as dermal filler injections, usually involve minimal pain and discomfort, some patients prefer to have a pain-free experience. These patients may prefer you use a non-injectable anesthetic such as: creams or numbing devices (usually with a cooling mechanism), prior to their treatment instead of an injectable anesthetic like Lidocaine. This way you can avoid a prick of the needle in their delicate skin.

Many dermal fillers do contain an anesthetic, such as Lidocaine, but dermal fillers without the added anesthetic gives you and your patients more options: they can choose to have pain relief if they wish, avoiding the application of Lidocaine if they have an allergy or medical condition that prevents them from using it.


Anesthetic Creams

Creams such as EMLA and Pliaglis help reduce the pain of cosmetic surgery or medical treatments. EMLA contains a mix of the anesthetics Lidocaine and Prilocaine, and Pliaglis contains a mix of the anesthetics Lidocaine and Tetracaine. These numbing creams work by penetrating into the skin and blocking nerve impulses. When nerve impulses cannot send signals to pain receptors, the patient does not feel the pain, or at least not as much. They may still feel some pressure, but pain and discomfort levels are lower than without the anesthetic.



You may need to apply anesthetic cream to the patient's skin about an hour before the procedure for maximum effectiveness, but the numbing feeling may last about two hours, long enough to complete the procedure with little discomfort.


Common Uses

In addition to helping reduce the pain of dermal filler injections, these anesthetic creams can improve the comfort of laser hair removal procedures, electrolysis, tattoos, catheter and IV insertion, and minor surgical procedures. 


Anesthetic Numbing Devices

Some patients do have an allergy, medical condition, or prescription that can interfere with their use of Lidocaine and other anesthetics. Some may simply prefer a non-drug alternative. For these patients, a numbing device such as Coolsense provides an alternative to injectable and topical anesthetics. These special devices are a drug-free way to numb the skin. You can use Coolsense before a medical procedure, such as applying a dermal filler, to numb the skin and reduce pain and discomfort. This device applies a cold temperature to the skin using a specially-designed applicator. 


Common Uses

Doctors use numbing devices before medical procedures like injecting a dermal filler or a vaccine, or they may recommend their patients use the device at home before injecting medications such as insulin or fertility drugs. 


Offering Top Brands At Wholesale Prices

We can help you enhance your patients experience with a more comfortable aesthetic treatment by reducing pain. With the most popular brands for sale online, you can select the best solution for your patient. Your patients trust you to find the right pain-reducing products for their needs, so shop at Doctor Medica for the best brands at affordable prices.

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