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2019 Cosmetic Surgery Trends

As technological innovation has made aesthetic procedures more accessible and less invasive, cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that Americans are spending more on cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive procedures than ever before. In 2016, the total amount spent on these cosmetic treatments reached $16 billion, with experts predicting that this trend will continue to increase. If you want to keep up with the demand of your ... READ MORE

Understanding Orthopedic Injectables

There are no products that offer more relief to people suffering from musculoskeletal conditions than orthopedic injectables. There are many orthopedic products on the market that help people all over the world live an active, pain free life. Many of these products provide long term pain relief for between six and nine months - without surgery. What are Orthopedic Injectables and What do They Treat? Orthopedic injectables are injections designed to lubricate the joints between a patient’ ... READ MORE

Why Use Hyaluronic Acid Face Masks?

The skin care industry is booming! However, some products make promises that do not stand up to reality. When choosing a skin care product for your patients, it’s important to consider the ingredients listed on the packaging. When it comes to adding hydration and providing a smooth, flawless look, hyaluronic acid is a key player. What is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a humectant that occurs naturally within the human body and is vital to retaining moisture within the skin. One ... READ MORE

Procedures for Contouring the Male Body

The male body has historically been depicted across different artistic mediums as an athletic, lean, muscular figure, like sculptures from ancient Greek history. Presently, many male actors are considered body icons and are found on magazine covers worldwide. Research suggests that the ideal male figure matches those in the media and that women prefer lean men with well-defined muscles.[i] This is likely because this body represents discipline, dominance, resilience, and sexual experience.[ii] ... READ MORE

How to Reduce Discomfort and Bruising from Filler Injections

While filler injection procedures are non-invasive and safe, patients may experience some discomfort during the session. They may also see bruising in the days following the procedure. In order to minimize discomfort and treat bruising, there are several steps you can take. How to Identify Bruising Bruising presents itself as a slight discoloration of the skin and is a common side effect of filler injections. Studies show that bruising occurs in anywhere from 19 to 68 percent of patients and i ... READ MORE

Chemical Peeling

Introduction Chemical peeling, also known as chemexfoliation, is one of the oldest skin resurfacing treatments available. It involves the application of caustic agents to produce controlled, predictable destruction of the epidermis and variable portions of the dermis.1 The process is followed by regeneration and remodeling, with clinical improvement of texture and surface abnormality through subsequent re-epithelialization and second intention healing. The advent of lasers put chemical peels ... READ MORE

Types of Dermal Fillers

Types of Dermal Fillers What Are Dermal Fillers? Dermal fillers are medical cosmetic devices that can help restore a youthful appearance to the skin and can also reshape facial contours. Cosmetic filler injections are becoming an increasingly popular procedure thanks to the non-invasive nature of treatment and the low risk of complications. As the face naturally loses subcutaneous fat due to the aging process, lines and wrinkles become more apparent. Aging also causes the facial skin to st ... READ MORE

Mesotherapy for Cellulite Treatment

Introduction Cellulite is a common topographical alteration popularly described as an “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearance of the thighs, breasts, and buttocks, which affects millions of aesthetic patients worldwide. The condition mainly affects women and rarely occurs in men. It has been reported that approximately 85% of post-adolescent women have some degree of cellulite. The debate surrounding the etiology of the disease and the efficacy of available treatme ... READ MORE

Why Dentists Should Use Dermal Fillers and Botox

In the last 30 years, esthetic dentistry has seen a huge rise in popularity as techniques such as teeth whitening and dental implants have become more accessible. However, dentists can do more than give their patients a healthy and beautiful smile. Once you’ve seen to the teeth, what about the folds and wrinkles around the mouth that can detract from a perfect smile? Dento-facial symmetry can play a huge role in the cosmetic outcomes of your patients, and being able to offer facial volume ... READ MORE

Medium and Deep Chemical Peels

Introduction Chemical peeling is an aesthetic procedure intended to visibly improve the skin on the face or body via the external application of a chemical agent to induce the controlled destruction of a specific layer of the skin. It can accelerate the process of exfoliation, but it can also destroy the superficial layer of the skin or a portion of the dermis. The dead skin eventually peels off, and newer and healthier epidermal tissues are revealed. The regenerated skin is generally smoother, ... READ MORE

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