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Do Mesotherapy Injections Work?

Mesotherapy injections have recently taken the spotlight as a non-invasive technique that produce visible and sustainable results in rejuvenating the skin. With the upsurge of cosmetic innovations and beauty trends, it is easy to get lost amongst the many choices of treatments that promise radiant, younger-looking skin. Different mesotherapy products improve and enhance specific target areas. Mesotherapy has applications in face and neck rejuvenation, body sculpting, localized fat and cellulit ... READ MORE

Why Use Hyaluronic Acid Face Masks?

The skin care industry is booming! However, some products make promises that do not stand up to reality. When choosing a skin care product for your patients, it’s important to consider the ingredients listed on the packaging. When it comes to adding hydration and providing a smooth, flawless look, hyaluronic acid is a key player. What is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a humectant that occurs naturally within the human body and is vital to retaining moisture within the skin. One ... READ MORE