Manufacturer : Galderma

Active Substance(s) : Botulinum toxin type A

Strength : 125U

Pack Size : 2 vials

Accessories : Package insert

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Where can I buy AZZALURE®?

AZZALURE® is an injectable botulinum toxin, and you can purchase AZZALURE® online from or by phone. Order wholesale AZZALURE® from Doctor Medica to help your patients correct the appearance of glabellar lines for smoother-looking skin.

What is AZZALURE®?

AZZALURE® is a botulinum toxin similar to DYSPORT® but it is meant specifically for cosmetic purposes like correcting the appearance of wrinkles. This drug has the generic name clostridium botulinum toxin (type) A haemagglutinin neurotoxin complex. The purified type A neurotoxin in AZZALURE® comes in the form of a powder for solution, meant for injection, and it is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Each AZZALURE® vial contains 125 Speywood units.

What is AZZALURE® used for?

Doctors usually use AZZALURE® for temporarily reducing the appearance of wrinkles, such as glabellar lines, which are frown lines, vertical lines between the eyebrows. This botulinum toxin injection is suitable for correcting moderate to severe wrinkles and facial creases caused by muscle movement. The drug is indicated for patients under 65 whose glabellar lines have a psychological impact.

How does AZZALURE® work?

AZZALURE® is a neurotoxin, and it works by temporarily preventing the release of acetylcholine from sympathetic nerve terminals. This temporarily paralyzes the muscle, preventing it from contracting and forming wrinkles at the skin's surface.

How long does AZZALURE® last?

The results of an AZZALURE® treatment are temporary. AZZALURE® usually takes two or three days to show results, and the maximum effect should occur around a month after the injection. The results of the injection should last for up to about four months, and some studies showed visible results after five months. You should not repeat AZZALURE® treatments more often than every twelve weeks because this increases the risk of forming antibodies.

How do I use AZZALURE®?

Only physicians with expertise and qualifications for administering botulinum toxins should inject AZZALURE®. To use AZZALURE®, first reconstitute the powder using sodium chloride solution. You will usually administer a total of 50 units of botulinum toxin, with ten units at each of five injection sites in the forehead to correct glabellar lines. Refer to the packaging and leaflet for complete injection instructions. After injection, properly dispose of the vial, unused solution, and all materials to avoid contamination.

What precautions should I take when using AZZALURE®?

If you spill AZZALURE®, clean affected surfaces or skin using a bleach solution. If the botulinum toxin contacts the eyes or broken skin, rinse thoroughly with water and take appropriate medical steps. Use the solution immediately after reconstitution, but store the powdered drug in a refrigerator between two and eight degrees Celsius. Do not freeze AZZALURE® and be sure to use the powder before the expiry date on the label. Keep out of the reach of children.

You should not administer AZZALURE® to patients with a neuromuscular disorder; who have problems swallowing food; who have weak muscles near the injection site; who have a bleeding disorder; who have or will have facial surgery; who have inflammation at the injection site; or who have had injections with other brands of botulinum toxins. AZZALURE® treatments are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or patients under the age of eighteen. Your patients should not drive or use machinery if they are affected by temporary muscle weakness or blurred vision after an injection.

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