Manufacturer : Merz Pharmaceuticals

Active Substance(s) : Botulinum toxin type A

Strength : 50U

Pack Size : 1 vial

Accessories : Package insert

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Where can I buy BOCOUTURE®?

BOCOUTURE® is an effective way to correct the appearance of glabellar lines or other wrinkles with less chance of reduced effectiveness, and you can order BOCOUTURE® online from or by phone. Buy wholesale BOCOUTURE® from Doctor Medica to help your patients achieve smoother skin even when other botulinum toxin brands are becoming less effective.


BOCOUTURE® is an injectable cosmetic treatment for wrinkles like the glabellar lines that form between the eyebrows, sometimes called vertical frown lines. It contains Clostridium botulinum toxin type A which is a neurotoxin produced by the same bacteria that cause botulism. In low does, this toxin is an effective way to reduce the appearance of certain types of wrinkles caused by muscle activity. In addition to glabellar lines, many doctors use BOCOUTURE® to correct the appearance of forehead wrinkles, crow's feet that form at the corners of the eyes, and other wrinkles caused by underlying muscle activity.

How does BOCOUTURE® work?

Certain types of wrinkles form as patients repeat the same facial expressions, and the muscle activity below the skin forms deep creases on the surface of the skin. For these types of wrinkles, you can inject BOCOUTURE® into the muscles below the wrinkles. BOCOUTURE® is made of botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin produced from the bacteria that cause botulism. This neurotoxin blocks the release of acetylcholine that would send messages from the nerve terminals to the muscles, so the muscles are prevented from moving. The relaxed position of the muscles cannot form creases on the skin above, so the skin achieves a smoother look. Patients may begin to see a reduction in their facial wrinkles two or three days after their BOCOUTURE® injection but they will likely see the maximum effect about thirty days after their injection. Your patients should not get another BOCOUTURE® injection before three months has passed, and the results usually last about four months.

Why choose BOCOUTURE® over other wrinkle relaxers?

BOCOUTURE® is made by the same manufacturer as XEOMIN® but it is targeted toward aesthetic uses, and it is similar to other botulinum toxin A injections like BOTOX® and DYSPORT®. However, the neurotoxin in BOCOUTURE® is highly purified to remove complexing proteins. These bacterial proteins can cause an immune reaction, which means the botulinum toxin injections can become less effective over time. With its more purified formula, BOCOUTURE® has less chance of forming antibodies and losing its effectiveness with repeated use. Many prefer using BOCOUTURE® over other brands for this reason, and some will switch to BOCOUTURE® as BOTOX® injections become less effective.

When do BOCOUTURE® side effects occur?

Like any botulinum toxin injection, BOCOUTURE® can cause common side effects such as bleeding or bruising at the injection site and headache, and more rare side effects like diplopia, eyelid ptosis, and brow droop. BOCOUTURE® contraindications include a hypersensitivity to any ingredients in BOCOUTURE®, muscle activity disorders such as myasthenia gravis, bleeding disorders, pregnancy or lactation, and the use of aminoglycoside antibiotics or spectinomycin.

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