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Where can I get this product?

Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator is a pain numbing device, which can be bought in just 6 easy steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on Brands, in the tab select Coolsense
  • Click on Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator
  • Click on the quantity required
  • Click on Add To Bag option
  • Fill in the required shipping and payment details

The product will reach your door-step in two to seven working days.


What does this product come with?

One applicator device, Package Insert

What are the benefits of this product?

Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator is a device that is used for reducing the pain of cosmetic injections in a few seconds.

  • It numbs the skin for painful procedures like
    • Giving injections
    • Inserting intravenous (IV) catheter or collecting blood
    • Cosmetic procedures
  • It blocks the pain receptors by a cooling method called the Cryo system

The device is of great use for small babies, children and elderly individuals for whom pain can be especially difficult to tolerate.

What is this product made of?

Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator is a device that is based on the Cryo system. It is devoid of any harmful chemicals and ingredients.

How does this work to help my patients?

Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator is an instant skin numbing device that works on the principle of Cryo system. The device is kept in a freezer and once it is taken out, the thermometer attached to it shows the temperature. The applicator drops the skin temperature when kept in contact with the target site due to its very low temperature (0oC – 4oC). It stops conduction of pain impulses to the brain and provides a localized anesthesia for making skin procedures painless.

Use Instructions

How do I use this product?

The Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator device needs to be used carefully for getting maximum results. Use it just before starting the procedure or just prior to giving an injection.

  • Keep the device in a freezer, about an hour before using it
  • Select the area over which the injection is to be given or the procedure is to be performed
  • Confirm for intactness of the target area , i.e. the area should be devoid of any skin lesions like ulcers, cuts, bruises, wounds, atopic dermatitis, etc.
  • Wash the area thoroughly with soap and dry it gently
  • Now, remove the device from freezer and check for the temperature and ensure that it is between minus four and zero degree Celsius. If it is below minus four, then keep the device out for a while, till the thermometer attached to it reaches the ideal temperature range.
  • Remove the cap of the applicator,  use circular motions and place it down on its handle
  • Lubricate the metal pin with a disinfectant and apply it on the target site
  • Place the device on the target site for about four to five seconds to numb the skin rapidly

How long will the treatment take?

The Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator is used just before the needle insertion or cosmetic procedures. Desired skin numbing results are achieved in four to five seconds.

What can I use it for?

The Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator device is a quick acting, local anesthetic agent used for giving injections or inserting IV or catheters or for minor cosmetic procedures, which may be painful. It works on the Cryo system i.e. it numbs the skin by reducing the temperature of the target area and blocking the conduction of nerve impulses to the brain.

What areas should I use this product on?

Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator can be used on the skin of any part of your patient’s body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this product intended for?

The anesthetic applicator device is made for infants, children and elderly people who are undergoing injectable therapy or cosmetic procedures, which can provoke pain. These procedures include injecting medicines, inserting IV line or catheter or collecting blood, and even cosmetic procedures, which may be painful.

What are the side effects?

The Coolsense Pain Numbing Applicator device is absolutely safe to use. Since it does not have any chemicals being employed for anesthesia, there are no possibilities of an allergic reaction.

Since the device is based on Cryo system, it can cause cold burns or an uncomfortable feeling due to coldness of the device. Use of the device also carries a very negligible risk of infection, if it is not sterilized well, or if the device is not kept at the recommended temperature, it may not bring about the desired numbing effect.

For further details about the product, please refer to the attached product leaflet.

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