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Eyelash Enhancers

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These growth-stimulating solutions help make the eyelashes or eyebrows appear longer, thicker, and darker. Your patients seek solutions for their thin eyelashes, and they turn to you for products that can help them reach their aesthetic goals without the inconvenience and irritation of false eyelashes. When you are wondering where to buy the best products for your patients, shop online at Doctor Medica for the most affordable wholesale prices.


Treat Trichotillomania and Hypotrichosis 

Some patients suffer from trichotillomania, which is eyelash and eyebrow pulling, and other patients may be unhappy with the short, sparse, light look of their eyelashes, called hypotrichosis. Although mascara may help the lashes appear darker and thicker, and false eyelashes can attach ready-made dramatic lashes, there are other options. Various eyelash enhancing gels and solutions can help stimulate lash growth, making the lashes naturally longer, thicker, darker, and more dramatic. When mascara use, aging, and other damage cause eyelashes to fall out, these gels and solutions can help protect lashes and stimulate new growth for a denser eyelash look.


Best Gels And Solutions


Jalupro Enhancer Gel®

The Jalupro Enhancer Gel® contains peptides and antioxidants to help promote eyelash growth. The peptides help stimulate protein cells to produce collagen while the antioxidants help protect eyelashes from environmental stress and have a positive effect on follicle cells that generate and sustain the eyelashes. This protection helps reduce the chance of eyelashes falling out so they can grow longer and denser. With the mascara-like applicator, this gel is easy-to-use. Jalupro Enhancer Gel is a take-home option for your patients and an opportunity for an up-sell at your clinic.


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Your patients trust you to recommend the best aesthetic products for their needs, including eyelash enhancers, so shop at Doctor Medica for the best brands at affordable wholesale prices and make them available to your patients. 

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