Manufacturer : Filorga

Active Substance(s) : Peel complex

Pack Size : 1-100ml bottle

Accessories : Package insert, 1 cylinder flask, 1 brush

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Where can I buy FILORGA® TIME PEEL online?

FILORGA® TIME PEEL is a chemical peel that fights the signs of aging, and you can purchase FILORGA® TIME PEEL online from or by phone. Order wholesale FILORGA® TIME PEEL from Doctor Medica to help your patients fight the signs of aging like wrinkles for skin that is firmer and more radiant with less visible wrinkles.

How does FILORGA® TIME PEEL improve the look of aging skin?

FILORGA® TIME PEEL contains Gluconolactone and Glycolic acid to gently peel away layers of dead skin cells, at the same time stimulating the growth of new skin cells. These new cells are less damaged by aging, and revealing them with a chemical peel helps your patient's skin look brighter with a smoother, firmer texture that has less visible wrinkling.

When should I use FILORGA® TIME PEEL?

You should use FILORGA® TIME PEEL (NORMAL SKIN) for four treatment sessions which are two weeks apart from one another. Although this is the FILORGA® clinically tested protocol, you can also adjust the treatment to your individual patient's needs. To use FILORGA® TIME PEEL, first prepare your patient's skin to balance their pH. You can do this by using a cotton pad or compress to apply FILORGA® PRE PEEL to the treatment area. Once your patient's skin is prepared, you can pour 2.5 to 3ml of FILORGA® TIME PEEL into the dispenser tube that is enclosed in the package. Use the brush enclosed in the package to apply FILORGA® TIME PEEL solution to the entire treatment area. After leaving FILORGA® TIME PEEL on your patient's skin for three minutes, neutralize the solution by applying FILORGA® POST PEEL using a cotton pad or compress. The final step is to rinse your patient's skin using a cotton pad or compress that has been soaked in water.

What FILORGA® TIME PEEL side effects should my patients be aware of?

FILORGA® TIME PEEL is meant to peel the skin, but it can also cause side effects like flaking skin, redness, skin rash, skin lesions, itching, and oedema. You should not use FILORGA® TIME PEEL to treat patients who have dark skin, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are prone to hypertrophic scarring, or have an autoimmune disease. FILORGA® TIME PEEL should not be used in conjunction with medications that are irritants or that affect keratinisation, such as isotretinoin or other retinoids or dermocorticosteroids. Do not use FILORGA® TIME PEEL in an area of skin that has had radiation therapy, laser therapy or another recent procedure, recent skin surgery or open wounds, or chronic or temporary skin problems like inflammation, infection, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, eczema, or psoriasis. You should also not use FILORGA® TIME PEEL to treat patients who have an allergy or hypersensitivity to one or more ingredients in the peeling solution. Be sure to protect your patient's eyes, and do not allow FILORGA® TIME PEEL to touch any mucous membrane. Tell your patients to keep out of the sun for the next forty-eight hours after their peel and to protect their skin using an SPF 50 sunblock.

Why would patients be interested in FILORGA® TIME PEEL?

FILORGA® TIME PEEL (NORMAL SKIN) offers your patients a non-invasive solution for signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. The peeling action of FILORGA® TIME PEEL can remove dead skin cells and stimulate growth to give your patients skin that is firmer and more radiant with less visible wrinkling. Order wholesale FILORGA® TIME PEEL from Doctor Medica to help your patients fight their signs of aging with a chemical peel.

Who can tell me more information about FILORGA® TIME PEEL?

FILORGA® Superficial Peeling
Filorga Laboratories
Sagging Skin

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