Manufacturer : Bohus Bio Tech AB

Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid

Strength : 20mg/ml

Pack Size : 1-1ml prefilled syringe

Accessories : Package insert, 2-27G 1/2” T.W. needles, 2 traceability labels


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INTRALINE TWO® 20 mg/ml - 1 x 1.0 ml


Main Benefits

  • Helps correct deep wrinkles and folds, contour facial features, or augment lips.
  • Long-lasting results, up to twelve months.
  • Made of spherical hyaluronic acid for a high molecular density.
  • Smooth gel for natural-looking results.


Sodium hyaluronate, cross-linked 20 mg/ml; Sodium chloride solution q.s.; Physiological buffer q.s.

Ingredients Information

  • Sodium hyaluronate: binds moisture within skin, restoring volume.

Use Instructions

  1. Before injection, check the needle and syringe as well as the expiry date.
  2. Ensure product is at room temperature at least twenty minutes before use.
  3. Check patient's medical background to ensure there are no contraindications. Inform patient about indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions. Ensure patient is aware more treatments may be needed to achieve or maintain the maximum result.
  4. Assess the need for pain relief.
  5. Use strict aseptic technique.
  6. Disinfect skin using alcohol or other antiseptic solution.
  7. To assemble needle and syringe, first remove tip cap, as illustrated in the product leaflet.
  8. To mount needle, use thumb and forefinger to firmly hold glass syringe barrel and luer-lock adapter. While the needle is still inside the needle protector, grasp with the other hand.
  9. Push and rotate needle into syringe firmly.
  10. Use a straight, forward motion to remove needle protector.
  11. Use the usual intradermal injection technique to administer this filler.
  12. Inject slowly into dermis while pulling needle backwards.
  13. To prevent filler from leaking out of the injection site, complete the injection a couple of millimeters before the entry point in the skin.
  14. Correct to 100% of the desired volume. Do not overcorrect.
  15. Use a new needle or cannula for each new treatment site. The maximum recommended dose per treatment site is 2 ml.
  16. After injection, lightly massage skin to follow the contours of the surrounding tissue.
  17. Properly dispose of syringe, needle, and any unused filler.


  • Follow general precautions for intradermal injections.
  • Contains traces of BDDE, a cross-linking agent, which can irritate the dermis in rare cases.
  • For use only by trained, qualified physicians or authorized staff members.
  • Do not mix with other products.
  • Do not inject into the bloodstream.
  • Do not inject at the location of a permanent implant or in conjunction with laser treatments or other ongoing or planned skin treatments in the same area.
  • Do not inject in locations with infection or inflammation. Do not inject into patients with any acute or chronic skin disease or inflammation near the injection site, including pimples, rashes, and hives.
  • These injections can reactivate a latent herpes simplex virus or cause angioedema-type swelling.
  • Patient is more likely to experience bruising or bleeding at the injection site if they are taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, or another substance that affects platelet function.
  • Do not inject patients with bleeding disorders or who are taking thrombolytics or anticoagulants.
  • Do not inject patients with unrealizable expectations.
  • Not tested on pregnant women.
  • Not tested on breastfeeding women.
  • Not tested on children.
  • Breaks down naturally over time to be absorbed into the surrounding tissue. The durability of the filler varies with the patient and the implant site.
  • During the first week after treatment, or until reactions have healed, patient must not expose the treated area to cold, heat, sun bathing, solarium, or other extreme temperatures.
  • Patient should avoid strenuous exercise during the first day or two after treatment.
  • Patient should not apply makeup before the treatment and for twelve hours or longer after the treatment.
  • Although adding volume to a wrinkle or fold can smooth it out, the line will always remain.
  • Treatment results depend on correct injection technique.
  • Do not inject too deeply because this can shorten the dermal filler's effect. Do not inject too superficially because this can cause visible lumps or skin discoloration.
  • Do not use any leftover dermal filler to treat more than one patient, do not save, and do not re-sterilize.

Side Effects

  • Pain.
  • Tenderness.
  • Redness.
  • Swelling.
  • Edema or prolonged swelling. If this occurs, patient should contact their physician.

Reactions are usually short-lasting and may appear shortly after treatment, lasting up to seven days after a skin injection or fourteen days after a lip injection. These may not be all the possible side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions



This dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid, created using spherification technology so the particles are rounded. The particle shape gives this filler a high molecular density compared to the usual angular, rhomboid molecular structure of other dermal fillers. Use this hyaluronic acid filler to correct deep wrinkles or folds or for lip enhancement and facial contouring.

What is the difference between INTRALINE ONE® and INTRALINE TWO®?

The two dermal fillers are similar, but INTRALINE TWO® has hydrogel spheres which are approximately ten times larger.

When should I use this dermal filler?

  • This filler lasts up to twelve months.
  • Use this filler about once a year to maintain results.

Why do doctors use this dermal filler?

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other doctors use this dermal filler to correct deep-set wrinkles, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and oral commissures; for facial contouring, including the chin and jaw line; or for lip enhancement. This dermal filler can help restore volume to aging and sun-damaged skin.

How does INTRALINE TWO® work?

The hyaluronic acid in this dermal filler is modified using spherification technology. This helps give the particles a more rounded shape, as opposed to their more angular shape. The rounded particles can pack more tightly together, giving the filler a dense consistency that can restore volume more effectively. After injection, the hyaluronic acid holds moisture, and this creates volume within the dermis to support the skin, smoothing the appearance of wrinkles.

When and how do I use INTRALINE TWO®?


How do I use this dermal filler?

Administer these dermal filler injections about once a year to maintain the results. Inject the filler into the deep dermal layer or the surface layer of the subcutis.

  1. Inject this dermal filler about once a year.
  2. Use a needle to inject.
  3. Inject into the deep dermal layer or surface layer of the subcutis.

Can this dermal filler be combined with other treatments?

Do not inject this filler where there is a permanent implant. Do not use in conjunction with laser treatments or other treatments.

How do I store INTRALINE TWO®?

Store at a temperature of 2° to 25° C (36° to 77° F). Do not allow product to freeze. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Where can I buy INTRALINE TWO®?

You can buy INTRALINE TWO® online at Doctor Medica by choosing a quantity and adding to cart. You can also phone a helpful customer service associate to order this dermal filler or other cosmetic and medical supplies.

Additional information

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