Manufacturer : Q-Med

Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid

Strength : 20mg/ml

Pack Size : 1-10ml prefilled syringe

Other Known Names: Macrolane VRF-30 10ml

Accessories : Package insert, 2 traceability labels

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Why should I purchase MACROLANE™ VRF 30 for my clinic?

Many patients that are interested in sculpting and shaping their bodies are hesitant about getting plastic surgery. When you buy MACROLANE™ VRF 30 for your clinic, you give your patients the option of improving their look without cosmetic surgery. Order wholesale MACROLANE™ VRF 30 online from or by phone to get the lowest price on this and other cosmetic injectables.

How does MACROLANE™ VRF 30 work?

MACROLANE™ VRF 30 is an injectable gel containing non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA). MACROLANE™ VRF 30 has denser particles than MACROLANE™ VRF 20 and is suitable for adding volume to various areas of the body. When you inject MACROLANE™ VRF 30 into your patient's body, the hyaluronic acid binds to water particles, increasing in size by about a thousand times. This instantly plumps up the skin and lasts about a year for most patients.

When is MACROLANE™ VRF 30 a suitable treatment?

MACROLANE™ VRF 30 can help fill hollow areas and smooth the body contours after liposuction, and it can also fill in deep surgical scars. You can use MACROLANE™ VRF 30 to enhance the buttocks, and many doctors have used MACROLANE™ VRF 30 successfully for breast enhancement and pectoral enlargement in the past, although some radiologists have raised concerns about whether MACROLANE™ VRF 30 interferes with detection of breast cancer. Plastic surgeons are finding new uses for MACROLANE™ VRF 30 each day, including penis enlargement, correction of asymmetry, calf sculpting, hand augmentation, correction of flat feet, and even increasing patient height by injecting MACROLANE™ VRF 30 into their heels.

What side effects might my patients experience after a MACROLANE™ VRF 30 injection?

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the human body, so most MACROLANE™ VRF 30 side effects are mild and last less than a week. These side effects could include inflammation, swelling, soreness, sensitivity, and bruising. You do have to make a small incision into your patient's skin to inject MACROLANE™ VRF 30, so there is a chance of infection which can be reduced through prescribing antibiotics.

Who can purchase wholesale MACROLANE™ VRF 30 from Doctor Medica?

Doctor Medica sells wholesale MACROLANE™ VRF 30 and other cosmetic and orthopedic injectables to cosmetic surgeons, other types of doctors and licensed medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics. Order MACROLANE™ VRF 30 today to help your patients achieve sculpted buttocks or smoother body contours.

Where can I find out more about MACROLANE™ VRF 30?

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