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Controversy Surrounds New Scrotox Trend

A new trend is hitting plastic surgery clinics and stirring up plenty of controversy. Thanks to Hollywood gossip and media attention, more men are wondering if Scrotox would work for them, and more doctors are wondering whether to jump on board with this new plastic surgery trend.   What is Scrotox?   The nickname Scrotox refers to exactly what it sounds like: Botox injections in the scrotum. The idea is that while Botox is best known for relaxing facial muscles to make wrinkled sk ... READ MORE

Report Warns of Rising Melanoma Rates

Despite public service campaigns and growing awareness, melanoma rates in the U.S. are rising, a new report warns. In JAMA Dermatology, researchers from the National Society for Cutaneous Medicine analyzed data from the American Cancer Society and warned of the rising incidence of melanoma and higher numbers of melanoma deaths in the past few years. Melanoma Diagnosis and Death Statistics in the U.S. In 2009, there were an estimated 8,650 deaths from melanoma in the U.S, with a lifetime risk o ... READ MORE

Earn $400 Credit on Doctor Medica

Refer another doctor to Doctor Medica, and we will thank you with a $400 credit on your account.   Discuss Doctor Medica with a colleague and ask them to mention your name when they set up a new account. If you know a doctor who would be interested in ordering from Doctor Medica, you can also tell us their name and contact information. One of our customer service representatives will then contact the doctor to discuss the benefits of ordering viscosupplements and aesthetic products from D ... READ MORE

Buy 50 ORTHOVISC®, Get 10 Free at

Help alleviate the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis with ORTHOVISC®. In December only, when you buy 50 ORTHOVISC® you get 10 more absolutely free. Stock up for 2017 and help more patients with this limited-time offer.   ORTHOVISC® is made of hyaluronan from bacterial fermentation, so it is safe for your patients with egg and other avian allergies. The viscosupplement gel helps replace the synovial fluid that has degraded as your patient's osteoarthritis progressed. By cus ... READ MORE

Could Botox's Sweet Tooth be its Downfall?

Botulinum toxin, including popular brands such as BOTOX®, almost seems like a wonder drug. Although most popular as a wrinkle fighter, doctors have long used botulinum toxins to treat eye disorders, muscle disorders, and now such wide-ranging medical conditions as migraine, incontinence, and excessive sweating. This drug has proven its worth in medicine so well that it is easy to forget the toxin's humble beginnings as a deadly disease. Botulism Disease Especially before the days of modern ... READ MORE

Juvederm Volite Side Effects

Most Common Side Effects Inflammatory reactions, such as redness, edema, and erythema, possibly with itching, pain, pressure, or paresthesia (tingling). These may occur after the injections and last for a week. Hematomas (bruising). Induration (hardening) or nodules (lumps) at the injection site. Staining or discoloring at injection site, especially with too superficial an injection, called the Tyndall effect. Poor or weak filling effect. Rare but serious side effects after intravascular ... READ MORE

Neurobloc and Myobloc Side Effects List

What are the side effects of NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC? NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC may cause side effects similar to other botulinum toxins. Common NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC side effects include: Flu-like symptoms Cough runny nose headache dizziness drowsiness back or neck pain And others such as anxiety, sensitivity to light, dry mouth, dry eyes, nausea, indigestion, sweating, muscle weakness at or near the injection site, and pain, tenderness, redness, or swelling at the injection site. More ... READ MORE

Azzalure Side Effects: Most Common and Rare Listed Out

What are the side effects of AZZALURE®? AZZALURE® most common side effects can include: Bleeding at the injection site Bruising Irritation Itching Rash Redness Swelling Headache Rarer AZZALURE® side effects can include: Tired eyes Watery eyes Eyelid ptosis (drooping) Diplopia (double vision) Brow droop Facial paralysis Twitching eye muscles Dizziness Eye movement disorder Itchy and lumpy rash Muscle weakness Difficulty swallowing Allergic reaction ... READ MORE

Buy Lucentis online at low prices - Shopping guide and help

Where and how to buy Lucentis? You can get genuine Lucentis from online and traditional retailers. Online retailers usually ask you to simply add the items to your cart, select the quantities and then check out. Before placing an order, you are often required to submit your medical license number for verification purposes. You may also be able to place an order via email, phone or fax. Packaging of Lucentis may vary. You can find packages in various languages, for instance English and also Non ... READ MORE

DIY Botox Kit For Sale - Buy A Botox/Dermal Filler Kit Online!

Price $299.97 USD BUY DIY BOTOX KIT Product Description, DoctorMedica's DIY Botox and Dermal Filler Supply Kits are on sale and have everything you need to begin performing injections. The kit is a deluxe version and it contains all necessary essentials in an easy to transport, easy to store solid container which makes taking inventory of items needed easy and efficient. Please allow one week for delivery. Contents in this Home Kit: 1 cc syringe – (20) 3 cc syringe -(10) 23g ... READ MORE

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