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What is perspiration and hyperhidrosis?

What is perspiration? Perspiration is an important biological process that helps to regulate the body temperature within a normal range. Besides maintaining normal body temperature, the usual sweating process is also essential for getting rid of disease-causing toxins and eliminating potentially harmful microorganisms present on the surface of the skin as well as those that cannot survive in temperatures above 37°C. Perspiration usually occurs under 2 major conditions: physical heat and ... READ MORE

Refer to Doctor Medica and Earn

Did you know you can get $400 credit just by referring another doctor to Tell another doctor about Doctor Medica and ask them to mention your name when they set up their new account. You can also tell us the doctor's name and contact information, and a company representative will call them. When their first orders reach a total of $1,750, you will both get $400 account credit. We will notify you when the referred doctor opens a new account and when they reach the credit threshol ... READ MORE

Beyond Wrinkles: 10 Alternate Uses for BOTOX®

Although most people will be unfamiliar with the majority of products you use in your medical practice, there is one exception to the rule: BOTOX®. Since it first gained approval as a wrinkle treatment in the U.S. in 2002, BOTOX® has become a household name. Even if they have never had a cosmetic treatment in their life, most people are familiar with this botulinum toxin brand name and its ability to smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Although not everyone completely understands what BOT ... READ MORE

Minimize Side Effects While Injecting Restylane Vital Light

Only for use by authorized personnel in accordance with local legislation. Not for intravascular injection. Injection into blood vessels could potentially cause vascular occlusion (blood vessel blockage), ischemia (restriction of blood supply0, and necrosis (tissue death). Not for use in patients with bleeding disorders or who are taking thrombolytics or anticoagulants. Do not resterilize. Do not mix this gel with other products before injection. Injections carry an infection risk. Use ... READ MORE

Earfold™ Allergan - Precautions Before And After Procedure

Precautions When Not To Implant? In patients with impaired healing, such as current smokers, diabetic patients, and those with autoimmune disorders such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or Scleroderma. In patients with body dysmorphic disorder, history of deliberate self-harm, or other signs of psychological instability. In patients with active local or systemic infection. In patients with a known nickel or gold allergy. In patients who are pregnant. In patients who are breastfeeding. Use C ... READ MORE

Restylane Vital Light Side Effects And Reactions

Side Effects (Reactions) Injection-related reactions including bruising, erythema (redness), itching, swelling, pain, or tenderness at the injection site. These typically resolve within a few days after a skin injection or a week after lip injection. Inflammation. Papules or nodules. Induration (hardening). Rarely, abscess, acne, atrophy, scarring, blisters, dermatitis, discoloration, granuloma, hypersensitivity, infection, ischemia (blood supply restriction), necrosis (tissue death), m ... READ MORE

Restylane Vital Ligh Injection Technique - Do It Right

Use Instructions Inform patient about indications, expected results, precautions, and potential adverse events. Assess patient's need for pain relief. Follow strict aseptic technique. Clean treatment site thoroughly with suitable antiseptic solution. Firmly hold glass syringe barrel and luer-lock adapter using thumb and forefinger. Using other hand, grasp needle shield or cannula hub, then push and rotate firmly to assemble. Improper assembly may cause needle and syringe to separate du ... READ MORE

Earfold By Allergan - Procedure Instructions: Insertion & Removal

Use Instructions Insertion - How To? Before procedure, advise patient of risks and benefits as well as other treatment options. Advise patient there may be differences in outcome with the device versus with the positioner. Put patient in front of mirror. Attach traceability labels to patient records. Examine Prefold positioner for damage, then immerse in 70% isopropyl alcohol for at least one minute. Allow to air dry. Clean patient's ears with isopropyl alcohol, both disinfecting and re ... READ MORE

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