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Juvederm Voluma for Lips Enhancement

The lips are important for various functions, such as eating, enabling speech articulation, and displaying facial expressions. Not only that, the lips are also a tactile sensory organ that play a huge role in intimacy. The shape and size of lips are greatly influenced by one’s genetics, race, and lifestyle habits and tend to fluctuate with age. Not all patients are born with well-sculpted and plump lips. Besides that, signs of aging, such as the formation of vertical lip lines ... READ MORE

Botox for Sweating Face: Causes and Treatment

What is craniofacial hyperhidrosis? Sweating is a biological function of the body that is extremely vital for eliminating toxins and stabilizing the body temperature within the normal range. Perspiration is also important for getting rid of any potentially harmful microorganisms present on the surface of the skin that cannot survive in temperatures above 37°C. However, there are people who experience excessive and abnormal sweating; this condition is known as hyperhidrosis. This debilita ... READ MORE

What Does Botox Feel Like When It Starts to Work? Explained

While Botox injections are becoming more commonplace, many patients may still have hesitations about the treatment: after all, Botox consists of a dangerously toxic ingredient that can be fatal in large doses. These patients may also wonder about what the procedure is like, what to expect after treatment, and the signs of complications they should be aware of. This article will look into all of this and more. What conditions can Botox treat? Botox is a neurotoxin that acts on the neuromu ... READ MORE

How Long does Radiesse Last? Procedure & Treatment Results

Patients often seek a long-lasting solution that causes minimal complications, but cosmetic fillers are temporary anti-aging measures. However, Radiesse—a product of Merz Aesthetics and a safe, cohesive, and nonpyrogenic cosmetic filler—has been proven to last for up to a year or more, so it may be suitable for patients that are seeking out long-term dermal solutions. What makes Radiesse different from other cosmetic fillers? Radiesse's uniqueness lies in its composition. Its main i ... READ MORE

Sculptra vs Juvederm: What is the Real Difference?

Sculptra is the trade name for a dermal filler that uses poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) as its active chemical compound. It can last between two to three years and is exceptionally popular in both Europe and the United States. When Sculptra is injected into the tissues, it is recognized by the body’s immune system as a foreign entity that must be fought off. The body responds by building a wall of collagen around the injected Sculptra, and the resultant volume increase is the subsequent a ... READ MORE

Juvederm for Acne Scars Correction: Treatment & Benefits

Juvederm: Correction of Acne Scars with Soft Tissue Fillers Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that occurs when the pores are clogged with dead skin cells and excessive sebum. More often than not, these clogged pores become infected with naturally-occurring bacteria, P. acnes, resulting in pimples and formation of pus. The skin attempts to heal itself quickly, often resulting in noticeable scars. As well, those who pick or try and pop the blemish often experience severe scarring. These ... READ MORE

Botox for Anal Fissure Explained

Chronic anal fissure is a painful condition that may prove difficult to treat for some patients. Interestingly, Botox, a popular cosmetic treatment, may be the treatment patients turn to help manage their pain and resolve the disorder. In this article, various aspects pertaining to the use of Botox to treat chronic anal fissure will be discussed, including how it treats the condition, who are good candidates for treatment, as well as its role in the management of this chronic disorder. Ho ... READ MORE

Juvederm for Forehead Rejuvenation

What causes forehead wrinkles? Wrinkles formed on the forehead are caused by genetics, hormones, and environmental factors. In respect to the last cause, since the forehead is naturally prone to sun exposure, ultraviolet (UV rays) have a significant impact on the forehead by reducing the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin, a development that can help cause the formation of wrinkles. What are common aesthetic imperfections that affect the forehead? The most common aesthetic imperf ... READ MORE

Radiesse for Cheeks Augmentation

The cheek is the fleshy region of the face that is located below the eyes and between the nose and the left or right ear. This region tends to be plump and round due to the placement of malar fat pads. These facial tissues lose their volume easily due to aging, which results in unattractive sagging skin, sunken cheeks, and undefined cheekbones. Dermal fillers can then be used to instantly add volume and definition to the cheeks with very little recovery time. How does Radiesse help to aug ... READ MORE

Juvederm for Chin Explained

Why consider chin augmentation The chin is the area under the lower lip that encompasses the mandibular prominence. Sometimes known as the mental region, a well-defined chin is important to maintain one’s facial harmony and level of attractiveness. Unfortunately, not everyone is bestowed with a sculpted chin; in fact, some people develop chin deformities as they age. Some of the most commonly complained about chin imperfections include wrinkles, an undefined jawline, and recessed bo ... READ MORE

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