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Reducing Forehead Lines with Botox

Botox is a popular cosmetic injection that contains botulinum toxin type A as the active ingredient. Botox acts on one very simple principle: decreasing muscle activity. On a cellular level, Botox is able to block the signaling process between motor nerve cells, thereby causing muscle paralysis. Through its binding to the nerve cell terminals, Botox inhibits the release of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that controls muscle contraction. As a result, partial denervation oc ... READ MORE

Tips for Professionals: Treating Glabellar Lines with Botox

Glabellar lines reduction with Botox tips Available in more than 78 countries around the world, Botox is a botulinum toxin injectable that has diverse clinical and cosmetic uses. In many countries in South America and Europe, Botox has been indicated for the treatment of medical conditions such as blepharospasm, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), urinary incontinence, cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, and spasticity. In addition, Botox has been used by doctors to treat acne and TMJ. ... READ MORE

Synvisc vs Synvisc One: What is the Difference?

What is a viscosupplement? A viscosupplement is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable gel that is designed to alleviate painful symptoms associated with osteoarthritis (OA). Patients are diagnosed with OA when the performance of at least one of their synovial joints has deteriorated due to wear-and-tear of the protective articular cartilage. This tough membrane sheathes the bones within the synovial joint and secretes the lubricating synovial fluid, which allows smooth and flexible joint mov ... READ MORE

Treatment with Restylane for Acne Scars

What is acne scarring? Acne, which is an inflammatory skin disorder, can be exceptionally frustrating, especially when it leaves unsightly scars behind. These scars could be atrophic or hypertrophic depending on the net loss or gain of collagen tissues during the skin recovery process. Patients with atrophic acne scars like rolling, ice pick, and boxcar can undergo dermal filler injections for smoother and more radiant skin. How does Restylane help to correct acne scarring? Restylane ... READ MORE

Restylane® for Chin

The chin—sometimes known as the mental region—is the area under the lower lip. A well-shaped chin helps to balance proportion of the face. Unfortunately, some patients are affected by various aesthetic imperfections like wrinkles, recessed bone contour, and an unrefined jawline. These imperfections can be corrected using either surgical procedures or dermal filler injections. The latter is usually chosen by patients due to its efficacy, simplicity, ease of reversibility, and shorter r ... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Nose Treatments: Fixing Imperfections with Restylane

What is nonsurgical nose augmenting procedure? A nonsurgical nose augmenting procedure is an aesthetic treatment that involves injecting a dermal filler, most commonly hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), in order to reshape and alter the nose. This procedure is well-received by estheticians and patients alike, as it can deliver amazing results that can rival the results of invasive rhinoplasty. However, this cosmetic procedure is only suitable for correcting minor imperfecti ... READ MORE

Botox for Hyperhidrosis - An Excellent Non Surgical Alternative

How is Botox administered to treat hyperhidrosis? Patients with hyperhidrosis of the underarm may be required to leave the armpits unshaved for a few days prior to the procedure. The procedure can be started after the hyperhidrotic area had been sanitized, anesthetized, and defined using standard staining techniques such as the Minor´s iodine-starch test. The reconstituted toxin solution is then administered just under the skin using a very fine needle. It is best that the toxin solution ... READ MORE

What is The Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty? (Part 1)

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is increasingly in demand as more patients find themselves aware of the ideal nose appearance through the media. Even relatively small issues warrant a visit to an expert practitioner for the necessary corrections. The appeal of existing techniques that use implants and autologous cartilages are hampered by their long recovery times, high cost, implant-related complications, and the psychological hurdle(s) that patients need to overcome. The steep lea ... READ MORE

Monovisc vs Synvisc: Similarities and Differences Explained

What are the similarities between Monovisc and Synvisc? Viscosupplementation is ideal for patients who have exhausted other medical treatments. While there are many brands of orthopedic implant available on the market, the two most renowned brands are Monovisc and Synvisc, which share the following similarities: Active component: Both of these brands are made of naturally-occurring and cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is also found in the synovial fluid. Mechanism of action: The ... READ MORE

Understanding Thread Lifts

Thread lifting, as its name implies, lifts and realigns sagging tissues while adding more definition to facial contours by using threads made from the same materials used in surgery for wound closure. These threads are placed under the skin so that they are concealed as they function to tighten the tissue and add volume to the targeted area. The demand for more natural-looking facial correction procedures is mainly fueled by age-related changes. Laxity that results from aging leads to pto ... READ MORE

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