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How to Approach Contouring the Male Jawline

Over the years, it has often been women seeking out procedures that could deliver aesthetic corrections. However, the demographics of people seeking out such procedures has dramatically shifted in recent years: men have now begun to increasingly seek appearance-altering work, particularly in respect to facial rejuvenation. This includes mid-face filler treatments, lip fillers, and chin and jawline contouring. This article is intended to outline the anatomical differences between the female ... READ MORE

Sculptra Butt Lift - What makes it the best buttocks lift option

How is Sculptra filler used to lift the buttocks? Sculptra is famed for its biostimulating properties. Once it is injected into the buttocks, the PLLA micro-particles encourage the growth of collagen fibers via neocollagenesis. Newly-synthesized collagen fibers will then help to increase the elasticity and plumpness of skin, resulting in subtle volume increase of the buttocks and effective cellulite reduction. Over time, the buttocks appear lifted and toned. A complete aesthetic assessm ... READ MORE

Juvederm For Tear Trough: Which product is best, duration & more

What is a tear trough? The tear trough region refers to the area below the eye that extend downwards and outwards from the inner corner of the eye. This delicate under eye area is prone to premature aging and skin deformities, including excessive darkness, puffiness, and hollowness. This proneness to deformity has much to do with the fact that the skin is extremely thin at under 1mm. A lot of people display signs of aging on their tear trough regions. Some of the usually reported aesthe ... READ MORE

Restylane For Lips Augmentation: Treatment Overview

What is Restylane? Restylane is a brand of soft tissue implants manufactured by Galderma that is composed of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA). The active ingredient—hyaluronic acid molecules—is extracted through biofermentation before being purified extensively to get rid of any potentially hazardous bacterial endotoxins. The molecules are then reticulated with each other using the chemical reticulating agent, 1,4-butanedioldiglycidyl ether (BDDE). This brand of filler ... READ MORE

Lip Augmentation Part 1: Approaching Lip Augmentation Procedures

The lips are the plump tissues that surround the oral cavity. The ratio between the upper and lower lip, as well as the shape of the lips, vary greatly between individuals and ethnicities. Compared to the rest of the face that could comprise of up to 16 layers of skin, the lips are only covered by approximately three to five thin layers of skin. With an extensive network of blood capillaries and nerve endings, lips are highly sensitive to stimuli. Besides being an important tactile sensor ... READ MORE

Treating Age-Related Concerns in the Perioral Area

What is the perioral area? The perioral area refers to the region and tissues surrounding the mouth. While this area is frequently affected by a myriad of aesthetic deformities, correcting these issues might be somewhat difficult, as the causes of the cosmetic problems are usually multifaceted.  How does the perioral area age? The perioral area ages via two distinct pathways: intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging. The former refers to the biological aging of the body that is governed b ... READ MORE

Juvederm For Under The Eye and For Eye Bags Explained

Common aesthetic under-eye concerns The under-eye area—also known as the tear trough—is the delicate region that extends outwards and downwards from the inner corner of the eye. The skin in this tear trough area is one of the thinnest layers of skin in the human body at only 0.5mm thick. This under-eye area is susceptible to dermal damage and premature aging signs, such as hollowness, fine lines, darkness, and puffiness. One of the most common tear trough imperfections is periorbita ... READ MORE

Assessing the Lips for a Successful Rejuvenation

What is the anatomy of the lips? The lips are the fleshy parts surrounding the oral cavity that is made of only three to five layers of skin, where as the rest of the face can consist of up to 16 layers of skin. The very thin skin combined with a vast network of blood capillaries and nerve endings make the lips very sensitive to tactile perceptions. Besides that, the lower amounts of melanin (pigment cells) also gives a somewhat rosy hue to the lips. The shape and size of lips are greatly ... READ MORE

Restylane for under eye bags explained - How does Restylane help

Eye bags—also known as periorbital puffiness—is the abnormal swelling of tissues under the eyes. Although the under-eye area is usually affected by puffiness, the entire eye region can swell up too. What are the causes of eye bags? A major cause of eye bags is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues surrounding the eyes. This condition is very common among people who consume food and beverages rich in salt. A high sodium intake will cause an imbalance of fluid in the cells and ret ... READ MORE

Juvederm For Lips: Volbella Or Ultra XC? Treatment Explained

Juvederm is a brand of cross-linked hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers that is designed and manufactured by Allergan, a world-renowned pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. These soft tissue implants are made of non-animal hyaluronic acid extracted via biofermentation. Following extraction, the hyaluronic acid molecules undergo a thorough purification process to remove any bacterial endotoxins and impurities. The molecules are then cross-linked with each other using patented ... READ MORE

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