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Orthopaedic injectables, or viscosupplements, help lubricate and cushion the joints to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms. Your patients want non-surgical and non-drug options for osteoarthritis treatment, and they turn to you for solutions that can help reduce their pain and restore joint function. When you are wondering where to buy the best orthopaedic injectables for your patients, shop online at Doctor Medica for the most affordable wholesale prices.



In osteoarthritis, the cartilage in joints deteriorates, exposing bones to friction during movement. This can cause pain, joint stiffness, loss of flexibility, a grinding or grating sensation during movement, and bone spurs, which are excess bone lumps that grow around the joint. Osteoarthritis is common in older patients, but can also occur after a sports injury, with repetitive movement, and in obese patients. This disease worsens over time and can become severe enough to limit a patient's ability to walk or perform other daily tasks. Knee osteoarthritis is common, but this degenerative disease can also occur in the hips, spine, hands, and other joints.


An alternative osteoarthritis treatment

Treatments for osteoarthritis include exercise and physiotherapy, weight loss, pain or anti-inflammatory drugs, and cortisone injections. When the disease is no longer manageable, joint replacement surgery, called arthroplasty, can replace the damaged joints with plastic or metal. However, there is another osteoarthritis treatment option: orthopaedic injectables. These injections offer an alternative to, or a supplement to, drugs and exercise, and they can help delay the need for surgery. Using hyaluronic acid, similar to the body's own synovial fluid, these injections help lubricate and cushion the affected joint. This helps prevent bones from rubbing painfully as the patient moves the joint. By preventing this friction, the hyaluronic acid helps reduce inflammation and swelling, which relieves pain and restores flexibility. The results usually last about six months but may vary from product to product.


Offering The Best Brands

There are many viscosupplement brands to choose from, all made of hyaluronic acid or a similar substance but each with different properties. Synvisc® and Synvisc One® are popular injectables, both using hylans. However, Synvisc® involves a set of three weekly injections while Synvisc One® uses a single injection. These products do use hylans sourced from birds, so they may not be suitable for patients with an avian allergy. Hyalgan® and Supartz® are other viscosupplement brands that use hyaluronic acid from avian sources, but these treatments involve a set of five weekly injections.


Recommended Products For Patients With Avian Allergies

For osteoarthritis patients with avian allergies, Orthovisc® or Monovisc® may be better options since their hyaluronic acid does not come from animal sources. Both products are made by the same manufacturer, with Orthovis®c requiring a set of three or four injections and Monovisc® requiring just one injection to bring six months of osteoarthritis relief. Euflexxa® is another viscosupplement brand that uses non-animal hyaluronic acid, with three injections required for symptom relief. Durolane® also uses non-animal hyaluronic acid, but this brand requires just one injection.


Reduced Pain During Treatment

Another orthopaedic injectable option is Crespine Gel Plus®. This viscosupplement contains highly-pure hyaluronic acid, but it also contains Prilocaine, an anesthetic similar to Lidocaine. The presence of this anesthetic in the gel can help treatments be less painful, easing the feeling of needle pain. Some patients may prefer this more comfortable option.


We Can Help You Relieve Osteoarthritis Symptoms

With the most popular viscosupplements for sale online, you can select the most appropriate treatment for your patient. Your patients trust you to recommend the right orthopaedic products for their needs, so shop from us and take advantage of our affordable wholesale prices.

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