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These medical devices help shape the ear, nose, or other areas of the head and neck in a minimally invasive procedure. Your patients seek solutions for reshaping their ears or nose, and they turn to you for products that can help them reach their aesthetic goals without invasive surgery. When you are wondering where to buy the best products for your patients, shop online at Doctor Medica for the most affordable wholesale prices.


Restore Your Patients Self Confidence

Otolaryngologists treat medical conditions in the head and neck area, usually ear, nose, and throat. However, patient needs often go beyond medical conditions. Some people are unhappy with the shape of their nose, with a bump or unusual size or shape, and some people are unhappy with the shape of their ears, be they asymmetrical or prominent.

Children and adults with otapostasis may be teased about their "bat ears" and may also lack confidence in the look of their ears because they stick out or their bumpy nose. Plastic surgery, including otoplasty or rhinoplasty, is an option for the ears or nose. However, patients may prefer a less-invasive option to adjust the shape of their ears or nose to a more standard appearance. Whether your patient's ears need reshaping due to a congenital disorder or suffered trauma during an accident, you can help them feel more attractive and boost their self confidence.


Protruding Ear Correction Without Surgery 

If you are wondering how to "fix" prominent ears, one alternative to otoplasty is the use of ear implants such as the Earfold® Implantable Clip System by Allergan®. This innovative ear implant adjusts the shape of the ears, and how much they stick out from the head, with a minimally invasive treatment. The device is made of nitinol, which is highly elastic, and is coated with 24-carat gold. After you insert this curved device, under local anesthetic, it springs into shape. This creates or enhances the antihelical fold to adjust ear shape and position. Since the absence of the antihelical fold is the cause of most cases of ear prominence, this device may be able to help many of your patients, although it may not be suitable for those whose ear prominence is due to a deep conchal bowl.


Why Non-Surgical Procedures?

Using a medical device like Earfold®, only takes about twenty minutes and is suitable for children as young as seven. Although traditional ear pinning may be performed under local anesthetic, or more frequently general anesthetic, the procedure can take two hours with up to six weeks of recovery. In comparison, ear implants are a much less invasive and quick solutions with a short recovery time and minimal bandaging. Using implants, allows patients also have the option of choosing their ear position before surgery. If your patients are concerned about having plastic surgery to correct their ear shape, these devices are a great otoplasty alternative.


We Offer High Quality Products

With the most popular aesthetic devices for sale in our online store, you can select the best treatment for your patient. Your patients trust you to recommend the right aesthetic procedures for their needs, so shop at Doctor Medica for the best brands at affordable wholesale prices.

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