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Product Information

Where can I get this product?

The Plasmolifting Incubator Mini B 100 is a lab instrument that is utilized in the Plasmolifting protocol to prepare platelet-rich plasma (PRP) gel.  This instrument can be purchased from Doctor Medica. Order online through our website at, or by phone or email.

What does this product come with?

  • Product insert
  • Dry block incubator

What are the benefits of this product?

The Plasmolifting Incubator Mini B 100 is specially designed to thermally process PRP into PRP gel for use in anti-aging therapies. The instrument is a dry block incubator with features that make it safe and easy to use including modular and interchangeable heat blocks to suit different tube sizes, a bright liquid crystal display (LCD), temperature calibration settings with accuracy of 0.5°C increments, automatic fault detection and overheating protection function.

What is this product made of?

The Plasmolifting Incubator Mini B 100 is a dry bath with the following technical specifications:

  • Max. Power: 60W
  • Temperature Control Range: R.T.+5°C ~100°C
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: ≤±0.5°C
  • Block Temperature Difference at 40°C: ≤±0.3°C
  • Display Accuracy: 0.1°C
  • Timing Range: 0-999 min
  • Max. Temp.: 100°C
  • Cooling Time: natural cooling
  • Net Weight: ≤1.0kg
  • Block Selection: 24 × 0.5ml (other blocks are available upon request)

How does this work to help my patients?

PRP therapy is a treatment that is used on tissues requiring regeneration or repair in order to speed healing or enable rejuvenation. The substance used for treatment is a fraction of whole blood, derived from the patient, that contains a therapeutic concentration of platelets, growth factors and cytokines suspended in a small volume of plasma. Plasmolifting gel is a further step in the Plasmolifting protocol that converts the obtained PRP into a thick viscous gel that can be used to add volume to dermal tissue. In this manner, the resultant gel can be used to correct aesthetic deficits stemming from facial volume loss, wrinkles, and loss of facial contours and sunken areas.

Use Instructions

How do I use this product?

This dry incubator is used after whole blood has been processed with the Plasmolifting protocol to obtain the platelet-rich component. After withdrawing and isolating the PRP from Plasmolifting blood collection tubes using a 2.5ml Luer-lock syringe, the PRP is incubated in the thermostat using the following heating program:

  • Preheating: The thermostat is preheated for eight minutes at a temperature of 95°C.
  • Heating: PRP is incubated on the heat block at 95° C for three to six minutes, depending on the volume of PRP:
    • 0.5 - 0.8ml: Incubate for four minutes
    • 0.8 - 1ml: Incubate for five minutes
    • 1 - 1.14ml: Incubate for six to seven minutes
  • Cooling: After the heating step, the heating is turned off, and the sample is allowed to cool on the block for two minutes.

After heating, the PRP material will have been converted into a milky, viscous gel that is ready for administration.

How long will the treatment take?

A normal PRP gel therapy session usually takes no longer than 45 minutes to complete, including the time needed to collect and prepare PRP. This treatment is not associated with any downtime; patients are able to perform their daily activities immediately after PRP treatment.

What can I use it for?

In aesthetic medicine, Plasmolifting gel can be used in the treatment of:

  • loss of facial contour
  • nasolabial, perioral, forehead, periocular wrinkles
  • loss of volume in the midface
  • facial wrinkle, preventing formation of more wrinkles by improving dermal tissue structure
  • form a facial support structure, preventing the formation of new wrinkles
  • tired or dull complexion

What areas should I use this product on?

Plasmolifting Gel is suitable for intradermal or periosteal placement in facial areas like the chin, cheek and jawline. It can also be used to correct facial wrinkles in areas like the forehead and around the eyes and mouth.

How long do the results last?

Plasmogel remains at the implanted site for up to three months; however, its collagen-stimulation and tissue-regeneration properties provide ongoing effects that last up to 18 months in most patients. The duration of results varies by patient according to indication and skin condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this product?

Plasmolifting gel therapy is suitable for most patients because of its tolerability and low risk of side effects. With a simple heating step, PRP is transformed into a gel suitable for augmenting soft tissue, providing both short and long-term aesthetic benefits.

Who is this product intended for?

Plasmolifting gel therapy can be used on patients who are looking to revitalize their aging, tired skin and help alleviate signs of aging like facial contour loss, lax skin or wrinkles. As this gel has the ability to replace lost volume due to aging, Plasmolifting gel is appropriate for patients who would like dermal filler treatment but are unable or unwilling to use synthetic filler.

Plasmolifting gel can be used in combination with aesthetic procedures such as bioabsorbable thread lifting, dermabrasion, laser therapy, ozone therapy, chemical peels, or dermal fillers. When used together, the Plasmolifting gel helps accelerate the skin healing stage and enhances the final aesthetic results.

What are the side effects?

PRP gel treatment is regarded as very safe because it makes use of the patient’s own platelets for therapy; as such, this treatment is extremely biocompatible and is not likely to trigger reactions. Nevertheless, as with all injection procedures, some reactions including pain, redness, bruising, swelling, and tenderness at the site of application, may occur. These effects usually wear off on their own within a few days after PRP gel treatment.

This list of side effects is not exhaustive. A full list of side effects, precautions, and contraindications can be found on the product leaflet.

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