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What are Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Kits?

PRP Kits contain the necessary items for the preparation of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from whole blood. The process involves the collection of whole blood, separation of the blood components to obtain the platelet-rich layer, and subsequent extraction for administration into target areas.

PRP is a concentrate of platelet cells, growth factors and cytokines derived from the patient, harvested from a whole blood sample. This blood fraction contains many tissue regenerative properties that help increase and improve wound healing when administered to tissues that require repair and regeneration.

Why are they used?

PRP Kits are used to easily and rapidly obtain PRP from patients for subsequent treatment. These kits are preferable to non-kit methods as results are more consistent in purity since the kits facilitate the complete separation of other blood components. It is also preferable in terms of quality since it acquires the desired platelet count (the benchmark for therapeutic PRP is a PRP platelet count of 1 million/µl).

PRP therapy has many applications in fields as diverse as trauma, sports medicine and dermatology due to its ability to accelerate the healing process and regenerate damaged tissue. Indications include soft tissue repair, bone healing, and cosmetic rejuvenation, among others.

Areas of use

  • Facial skin – PRP is administered to diminish wrinkles, hydrate skin and improve elasticity.
  • Periorbital skin – PRP can alleviate dark circles around the eye and reduce eye bags.
  • Acne skin – PRP can treat acne as well as improve the appearance of post-acne scars.
  • Hair – PRP is used in the treatment of alopecia.
  • Skin diseases – PRP can help manage skin conditions like atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

How long do PRP Kits last?

PRP therapy is typically performed in multiple injection sessions that can range from two to ten sessions, usually spaced in seven to ten intervals, depending on the application it is being used for.

A typical PRP treatment produces effects that can last for up to 18 months, depending on the patient’s skin condition and application of treatment.

How are they used?

PRP kits extract PRP from the patient’s own blood. The procedure begins with the collection of a predetermined volume of blood, usually around 10ml, through venipuncture. When the tube containing the blood sample is centrifuged, the blood separates into distinct layers each containing different elements of blood. The desired layer of platelet concentrates is extracted and transferred to a syringe, ready to be administered to the patient.

PRP can be administrated in many ways, according to its therapeutic indication. When used for facial rejuvenation, PRP is administrated superficially into the dermis using a 30G needle. Suitable injection techniques include the cross-hatching, linear thread or fan technique. PRP may also be administered, like mesotherapy, in microinjections with a 32G needle across the treatment area.

PRP injections can be used to help accelerate healing and enhance the results of aesthetic procedures. For instance, PRP therapy has been demonstrated to reduce swelling and prolong the effects of dermal filler treatment.

How long does the treatment injection take?

Usually, PRP injections take no longer than half an hour to administer. A treatment session encompasses collection and extraction of PRP from a sample of the patient’s blood, followed by administration through injection.

Types of PRP Kits

PRP Kits harvest PRP using different methods, and can be divided into two groups based on this characteristic:

  • Buffy coat based – Upon centrifugation, a “buffy coat” layer is observed, between the blood and platelet serum, in which the platelets are contained. Buffy coat base kits employ various methods to extract this thin layer, in a manner to minimize contaminating the sample with red blood cells. Some achieve this with a second centrifugation step to further isolate the platelets, which will sequester at the bottom of the tube.
  • Gel separators – these kits consist of blood collection tubes that contain a gel with a density between that of blood and platelets. Thus, when the tube is centrifuged, the gel forms a solid barrier between the platelet-containing plasma, and erythrocytes and leukocytes. Usually, a blood anticoagulant is also added to prevent the blood sample from clotting.

Top brands

Plasmolifting: The Plasmolifting protocol uses a thixotropic gel in special blood collection tubes to separate and isolate PRP from intravenous blood. Plasmolifting supplies ready to use kits and associated equipment necessary to perform the Plasmolifting method, including:

  • Plasmolifting PRP Gel – A PRP kit containing 10 9ml blood vacutainer tubes with proprietary separating gel.
  • Plasmolifting PRP Centrifuge – two models are available: the XC 2000 and the XC 2415. These centrifuges are suitable to cause the effective separation of blood into its respective components, enabling the extraction of the platelet-rich fraction. These models are certified for use with the Plasmolifting protocol.  
  • Plasmolifting Incubator Mini B 100 – This instrument is used to incubate PRP samples to heat and denture plasma proteins, thereby changing the physical properties of the material to a viscous gel called Plasmolifting gel. Plasmolifting gel not only offers biorevitalizing effects, its thickness affords its ability to instantly volumize soft tissue; thus, it can be used as a dermal filler to fill deeper skin creases and replace facial volume loss in areas like the cheeks.
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