Manufacturer : Q-Med

Active Substance(s) : Aqua, olus oil, glycerin, pentylene glycol, limnanthes alba seed oil, behenyl alcohol

Pack Size : 1-50ml tube

Accessories : Package insert

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RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM is a moisturizing hand cream that can help keep hands soft and smooth, even when exposed to soaps, harsh chemicals, and weather. You can order RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM online from or by phone. Purchase wholesale RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM from Doctor Medica to help your patients hydrate and protect their hands.

How do the ingredients in RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM protect hands?

RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM contains sodium hyaluronate that is similar to the non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) in RESTYLANE® injections. This sodium hyaluronate traps moisture within the skin, helping to keep the outer layers of skin soft and moisturized. This addition of subtle volume to the skin also helps to smooth the look of fine lines or a rough texture, leaving the hands with a smoother texture. At the same time, ingredients such as rice bran extracts and vitamin B7 help build nail strength and improve the skin's antioxidative shield, protecting skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Altogether, the ingredients in RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM help to not only restore the hands by retaining moisture but also improve the skin's protective ability. This can help prevent exposure to harsh weather, soaps, cleaning chemicals, and other external stress from damaging the hands and causing premature aging.

When should my patients use RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM?

Your patients should use RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM every morning to protect their skin throughout the day, every evening to moisturize their skin at night, and any time in between when their hands feel dry. RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM is helpful for more mature skin that has become dry and rough with aging, but even your younger patients can benefit from using RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM to moisturize and protect their skin, helping to prevent signs of aging by protecting the skin barrier from weather and chemicals.

What are the side effects of RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM?

RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM gently moisturizes and soothes dry hands and helps restore the skin's natural barrier. However, if your patients have a hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM, they should not use this product.

Why should I offer RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM for sale in my practice?

When your patients come to see you, they do so because they care about their skin and want to keep it looking young. By offering RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM to your patients, you are giving them a way to both restore moisture to their hands at home and also protect their hands from damage, such as weather, soaps, or chemicals, that can harm their skin and contribute to premature aging. Your patients can use RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM on its own or in addition to RESTYLANE® injections in their hands, helping to moisturize and protect skin from without even as the injections rehydrate their skin from within. Buy wholesale RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM from Doctor Medica to help your patients restore moisture and softness to their hands while improving the skin's protective function.

Who can give me more information about RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM?

RESTYLANE® HAND CREAM Product Information
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