Manufacturer : Galderma

Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid

Strength : 12mg/ml

Pack Size : 1-1ml prefilled syringe

Accessories : Package insert, 3-29G 1/2” T.W. needles, 2 traceability labels


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Main Benefits

  • Helps improve skin radiance, firmness, and elasticity.
  • Skin rejuvenation helps keep skin looking young and fresh.
  • Hyaluronic acid restores moisture and helps stimulate collagen and elastin.
  • Smart Click System indicates each dose.
  • Suitable for face, neck, decolletage, and hands.


Hyaluronic acid, stabilized 12 mg/ml and phosphate buffered saline q.s.

Ingredients Information

  • Hyaluronic acid: helps restore moisture to skin while stimulating collagen and elastin.

Use Instructions

  1. Inform patient about indications, expected results, precautions, and potential adverse events.
  2. Assess patient's need for pain relief.
  3. Follow strict aseptic technique.
  4. Clean treatment site thoroughly with suitable antiseptic solution.
  5. Firmly hold glass syringe barrel and luer-lock adapter using thumb and forefinger.

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    • Only for use by authorized personnel in accordance with local legislation.
    • Not for intravascular injection. Injection into blood vessels could potentially cause vascular occlusion (blood vessel blockage), ischemia (restriction of blood supply0, and necrosis (tissue death).
    • Not for use in patients with bleeding disorders or who are taking thrombolytics or anticoagulants.

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Side Effects

  • Injection-related reactions including bruising, erythema (redness), itching, swelling, pain, or tenderness at the injection site. These typically resolve within a few days after a skin injection or a week after lip injection.
  • Inflammation.
  • Papules or nodules.
  • Induration (hardening).

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?

This injectable skinbooster helps restore hydration and elasticity to skin affected by the earliest signs of aging, helping to maintain a youthful appearance. This lightly-concentrated hyaluronic acid gel helps restore moisture and subtle volume to skin without over-filling, helping to improve and maintain skin quality. This injectable is suitable for younger and more delicate skin.

When should I use this skinbooster?

  • Initially, administer three treatments two to four weeks apart.
  • Perform a maintenance treatment every four to six months.

Why do doctors use this skinbooster?

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other doctors use this skinbooster for skin rejuvenation and hydration. This particular skinbooster is most suitable for younger and more delicate skin, helping maintain a youthful appearance.

How does it work?

This skinbooster contains hyaluronic acid, which can help hold moisture within skin. This helps rehydrate skin with stores of moisture that can keep skin hydrated for months. Hyaluronic acid can also help stimulate collagen and elastin growth, and this increase in collagen and elastin can improve skin tone and elasticity. The smooth texture of the hyaluronic acid in this injectable helps it achieve these goals without adding excess volume, flowing evenly under the skin for an overall improved look.

When and how do I use this skinbooster?

To initially improve skin, administer a total of three treatments every two to four weeks. You can then maintain the results with another treatment every four to six months, depending on your particular patient's needs. Using a needle, inject small amounts of the hyaluronic acid gel into the mid-dermal layer across the desired area of skin.

  1. Administer three treatments initially, every two to four weeks.
  2. Readminister the skinbooster about every four to six months to maintain the results.
  3. Using a needle, inject small amounts of gel into the mid-dermal layer across a wide area of skin.

Can this skinbooster be combined with other treatments?

Use caution in areas with a permanent implant, and avoid combining with a non-hyaluronic acid implant. Use special caution if the patient has had rhinoplasty.

How do I store it?

Store up to 25° C. Protect from freezing and sunlight. Expiry date is indicated on package.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy it online at Doctor Medica by choosing a quantity and adding to cart. You can also phone a helpful customer service associate to order this injectable skinbooster and other cosmetic and medical supplies.


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