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ALIDYA™ 340mg 5 vials powder / solvent included
1 - 5 pack(s) $139.00 USD
6 - 10 pack(s) $130.00 USD
11 - 20 pack(s) $128.00 USD
21+ pack(s) $126.00 USD
$126.00 USD - $139.00 USD

Buying Alidya Online: Things to Consider

Cellulite is not a disease and does not affect the quality of life, but many people are still bothered by this cosmetic condition from an aesthetic perspective. Generally, avoiding the emergence or development of cellulite is possible through a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and regular exercise. Yet, if lipodystrophy has already been observed, mesotherapy is the most effective way to get rid of this orange-peel skin.

Italian pharmaceutical company Ghimas S.p.A. presents Alidya, the only mesotherapy agent in the world registered for the treatment of cellulite. And at, genuine Alidya preparation is available for licensed practitioners on the best terms.

What You Should Know Before Ordering Alidya Anti-Cellulite Treatment

About Alidya

Alidya is a mesotherapy cocktail specifically indicated for the treatment of cellulite. This injectable solution eliminates not only the manifestations of gynoid lipodystrophy but also its causes. After several procedures, the "orange peel" effect disappears, the skin relief is leveled, the tone improves, and the treated areas look tauter.

What do these products treat?

Alidya eliminates cellulite and flabbiness of the skin, preventing changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue. Besides, these injections are effective for after-liposuction care and lipedema treatment.

As for cellulite, Alidya is most effective when used in the less advanced stages and if the condition is caused by fluid accumulation in the tissues. The solution is typically injected into the following areas:

  • buttocks
  • hips
  • legs
  • arms

How does it work?

Alidya treatment helps to significantly reduce lumps and dimples, making skin smoother and more toned. The composition of amino acids in the Alidya meso cocktail allows for normalizing the lymph flow, improving blood microcirculation and supply of oxygen to the tissues. Thus, this injectable solution accelerates the metabolism in tissues and thus removes the toxic substances which swell up the fat cells and provoke cellulite.

Are there side effects?

The more prevalent side effects of Alidya treatment are the same as those of other mesotherapy procedures and may include the appearance of superficial bruises or redness at the site of injection. These common side effects typically pass quickly, within a few hours. Much more rarely, some patients may experience pain or infection and need primary care intervention.

Along with that, Alidya treatment is not recommended while pregnant and breastfeeding. Other contraindications include diabetes, thyroid, kidney and liver diseases, hemophilia, and taking anticoagulants.

Buy Alidya Mesotherapy from the USA: What’s the Price?

Alidya anti-cellulite preparation is available in Canada and USA at We have been catering to licensed medical practitioners and clinics for years and ensure your patients receive 100% original treatments from the best pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers.

Five vials per pack

  • ALIDYA™(5-340mg vials with powder + 5-10ml vials with solvent): $158.32 / package
    Each package includes five 340mg vials with powder and five vials of 10ml solvent.

As the Alidya treatment implies a minimum of seven sessions (one or two ampoules per session), the vials are not sold by the piece.

The provided solvent must be transferred to the vial with powder using a sterile syringe (not included), and shake the vial until the solution becomes clear pink.

Why Here Is the Best Place to Buy Alidya Online

If you wonder where to buy Alidya, made by its original manufacturer, DoctorMedica is the answer. We have been providing licensed medical professionals with authentic aesthetic pharmacy products for many years, offering affordable prices and convenient delivery options

Wide-Ranging Store for Your Aesthetic Practice Fair Prices and Permanent Discounts Fast International Shipping
Registering at, you can choose from various brand-name products and supplies for dermal filler injections, mesotherapy, and body sculpting, as well as orthopedic products, professional skincare like peels, masks, lotions, and more. We aimed to create a versatile shop where aesthetic medical professionals can find everything they may need in one place, whether for their private practice or clinic. DoctorMedica strives to set favorable prices for all our customers, regardless of the quantity ordered. However, our Magenta Rewards Program provides additional permanent discounts for larger purchases. For example, when you buy the Alidya kit as a registered customer, you automatically start earning points for every dollar you spend. The more packs you purchase, the more points you can further convert to discounts. We ship orders within two business days from the order's date and provide our customers with a tracking number within 24 hours.
Depending on the delivery region, shipping is typically carried out from seven to ten days, and shipping costs can also vary according to the total order cost. However, in most cases, a customer can qualify for free delivery when ordering several products.

Is an Alidya Wholesale Supplier in the USA?

DoctorMedica is not a wholesale supplier of Alidya and a range of other aesthetic medical products. Although this website can offer special discounts for bulk orders, we foremost aim to work directly with licensed medical practitioners, providing them with genuine and proven aesthetic products on the most favorable terms.

Alidya from proven distributors at wholesale costs: price per pack in 2022 supplies Alidya and other mesotherapy solutions, dermal fillers, orthopedic injectables, skincare, and related accessories only to licensed individuals and institutions. We ensure equitable access to high-quality and affordable products for all our customers, regardless of order quantity, and try to keep all our prices closer to the "wholesale" ones.

For example, offers an anti-cellulite mesotherapy cocktail Alidya for only $158.83 per pack of five vials. Also, if you find where to buy Alidya for cheaper, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team so that we can try to meet or beat this price.

Buying Alidya With a License is Easy and Beneficial

To place orders on, you must have a relevant license for handling aesthetic medical supplies we provide.

Our company strictly adheres to this rule and does not allow any exceptions, but if you have any questions regarding the exact licensing requirements in your country, please get in touch with our customer service team.

Besides, you can use this website on behalf of a licensed person or institution (for example, if you are a medical secretary), submitting a signed authorization form to us.

Once you provide us with all the required contact and professional information (including the license number) through the registration form, you can make purchases on quickly and easily.


Can I purchase Alidya online?

Mesotherapy solution Alidya is available online on for $158.32 per pack of five vials. However, since mesotherapy must only be carried out by trained medical professionals, you can purchase this product via only if you have a relevant license.

What are Alidya's license requirements?

It is a strict requirement of that you must be a licensed medical professional with prescriptive authority to perform the mesotherapy procedure to buy Alidya and other injectable products, like dermal fillers, etc., with the help of our website. As a non-licensed individual, you can use only if you provide us with an authorization form signed by the licensed person or institution.

Is it legal to purchase drugs like Alidya and fillers from overseas?

Yes, ordering Alidya and other injectable preparations from legitimate overseas sources is allowed as long as you are appropriately licensed to purchase these products as a medical professional or if you are an authorized representative of a licensed person or institution.

How do I order Alidya as a provider?

To order Alidya on, you should sign up for an account, providing us with all the necessary details like your contact information, company name, and license number. Then you can easily add the chosen product to your cart and make an order online, by phone, or via email.

Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team if you have any additional questions.

Can nurse practitioners purchase Alidya?

The answer is yes. Nurse practitioners can also purchase Alidya and similar products on if they have a license to perform injectable procedures.


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