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Teosyal is a full range of cosmetic dermal fillers and mesotherapy injections, which contains non-animal, biocompatible hyaluronic acid as the active ingredient. Designed and manufactured by Teoxane Laboratories in Switzerland, the range boasts of reduced protein and bacterial endotoxin to reduce potential hypersensitivity reactions. They offer a wide range of products customized for various client needs, including line and wrinkle correction, depth filling, skin hydration, and lip enhancement.


What Makes A Good Candidate?


Teosyal range is the treatment of choice for a variety of age-related skin concerns. More than a dozen of the fillers are available to treat different types of skin imperfections. If your patients are looking for a type of cosmetic filler that is formulated specifically for their target areas, the Teosyal line is a great option. Not all hyaluronic acid gels are suitable for every indication; it is important to use the right type of cross-linking technology and hyaluronic acid concentration to ensure that the product contains the mechanical, rheological, and pharmacological properties needed to treat a specific concern.


Teosyal contains hyaluronic acid of the highest purity. The ingredient is completely degraded over a period of months, leaving no traces of the gel in the body. Those who are hesitant to try injectable dermal fillers, fearing unwanted results and complications, are good candidates for temporary cosmetic fillers like Teosyal.


Areas Treated with Teosyal


There is a specific Teosyal product designed for every indication and target area. This treatment works to correct lines and wrinkles along the mobile areas of the face, such as in the perioral area, cheeks, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, and forehead.


Teosyal Essentials (First Lines, Touch Up, Global Action, Deep Lines) – use to correct superficial lines, medium wrinkles, in-depth filling, and final touch ups.


Teosyal Enhancers (PureSense Redensity, Meso) – use for dermis redensification and skin revitalization and rehydration.


Teosyal Volumizers (Ultra Deep and Ultimate) – use for volume replacement and volume recovery for wide areas of the face.

Other Teosyal fills are indicated for lip enhancement and to correct under eye circles.


How Does Teosyal Work?


Wrinkles are formed when the skin loses volume and the levels of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin are depleted. Injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin supplies the much-needed substances to maintain hydration, tonicity, and elasticity. The unique property of Teosyal range lies on the meticulously designed hyaluronic gel that supports the skin, thus preserving the vitality and softness of your patient’s face. Some cosmetic injectables are known to produce stiff-looking facial appearance that looks unnatural. Teosyal, on the other hand, “respects facial expressiveness” as it contains hyaluronic acid molecules that resists compression and stretches with every facial movement.


Treatment Details


Perform a pretreatment consultation with your patients to obtain a full medical history, discuss the pros and cons of the procedure, and advise pre- and post-injection preparation. Choose the right type of formulation for your patient’s skin concern. Some Teosyal dermal fillers are available with or without lidocaine. Disinfect the area prior to treatment. Superficial injection is enough to hydrate the skin and revive its glow. Deeper injection is necessary for filling wrinkles and creating volume. Use the provided needle and appropriate injection techniques for optimal results.


How Long Does Teosyal Last?


The duration of effect for Teosyal range depends on the age, lifestyle, and skin type of the patient. Proper administration of the fillers will also increase the duration of the effects. The majority of the fillers from this line provide long-lasting benefits of up to 9 months.


Safety Information


Teosyal has good tolerability. This treatment is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Candidates for this treatment must be over 18 years, with no known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid. These fillers should not be injected into an area with an active infection.


Recovery Time


The whole procedure typically lasts around 20 minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated. Your patients can resume their daily activities right after treatment. They should be refrain from engaging in intensive workouts and consuming alcoholic beverages, three days after the procedure. Furthermore, advise them to limit sun exposure and avoid seeking dental treatments for about two weeks post injection.


Cost of Teosyal


The price depends on the variant and number of syringes used. Products from this line may cost approximately $400+. You can set the price for your clients at your discretion.

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