Manufacturer : Vivacy

Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid, mannitol

Strength : 24mg/ml

Pack Size : 2-1ml prefilled syringes

Other Known Names: STYLAGE® L (2x1ml)

Accessories : Package insert, 4-27G 1/2


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Where can I get this product?

You can buy Stylage L from us, an ideal filler to treat deep wrinkles and folds around the mouth. Only licensed medical professionals and distributors can purchase Stylage L from What’s more, our ordering process is easy, and products are shipped out within 2 days after your order has been processed online, by email, or by phone. Order this and other popular dermal fillers today and save with our wholesale prices.

Stylage L is also available with Lidocaine for pain free injections. See prices here

Product Information

What does this product come with?

Each package of Stylage L contains 2-1ml prefilled syringes. It also includes 4-27G½” single-use needles, a set of traceability labels, and 1 package insert.

What are the benefits of this product?

With its advanced IPN-Like Technology, the hyaluronic acid found in Stylage L lasts longer in the skin than other dermal fillers. This is because it is comprised of densely packed particles, which restore moisture to dermal cells while also resisting degradation. What’s more, this formula’s inclusion of mannitol (an antioxidant) aids in its longevity, as it fights off damaging free radicals.

When injected into the dermis, this formula’s hyaluronic acid helps to volumize and hydrate at the cellular level, smoothing and plumping overlying skin for a more youthful appearance. and plump up the skin, giving it a younger, smoother, and more refreshed appearance.

What is this product made of?

Stylage L is made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and mannitol. Its animal-free and biocompatible hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the skin, attracting and retaining water molecules at the cellular level to increase natural moisture. Moreover, the antioxidant mannitol prevents free radical damage, while also preventing post-injection inflammation.

How does this work to help my patients?

Stylage L offers your patients instantly younger-looking skin—and keeps skin their skin looking healthier for longer than other formulas. With its ability to reduce the look of deep-set lines and wrinkles, it is perfect for aging patients who are looking to rejuvenate their complexion.

Use Instructions

How do I use this product?

Because it is a medical device, Stylage L should only be injected by a licensed medical professional. During the injection process, this filler is implanted into the deep dermis using the provided 27G½” needle. Please note that the preferred injection methods for the administration of this filler are the linear retro-facing technique, the fan-shape retrograde injection technique, or the nappage technique.

How long will the treatment take?

Stylage L takes less than 1 hour to be administered. Patients should avoid using anti-inflammatory drugs and anticoagulants 5 days before the treatment. After treatment has been initiated, patients should avoid exposure to sunlight or UV light, as well as the use of ice or frozen gel packs.

What can I use it for?

As an injectable implant, Stylage L is used for the purpose of treating deep to very deep wrinkles and medium to deep nasolabial folds on the face. It can also be used to treat severe marionette lines. Additionally, it may be used to restore volume to the backs of the hands in aging patients.

What areas should I use this product on?

As a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, Stylage L can be used on the backs of the hands, cheeks, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds.

How long do the results last?

Results are seen immediately after injection, and are expected to last between 9 and 12 months. However, this may vary from patient to patient based on age, metabolism, the treatment site, the degree of correction required, and the injector’s technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this product?

Stylage L is used for the purpose of removing deep facial wrinkles and other volume deficits. Its hyaluronic acid-based formula also improves the skin’s overall hydration and tone, giving patients a more youthful complexion with each injection.
Doctor Medica makes it easy for licensed medical professionals to offer Stylage L at their clinics. On our site, we offer the lowest possible prices for genuine dermal fillers.

Who is this product intended for?

Stylage L is intended for aging men and women who want to regain their skin’s youthful glow. Ultimately, it helps patients achieve relief from deep wrinkles and volume deficits—without going under the knife.
Please note that certain individuals should not use this product, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as children. Additionally, patients who are allergic to any of the ingredients in this formulation should not use it. For more information about contraindications, review the product pamphlet.

What are the side effects?

Stylage L is generally well-tolerated by most patients, although it does come with the potential for mild side effects. Generally, these include redness, swelling, bruising, discoloration, tenderness, and itching at the site of injection, which should clear up within 1 week after treatment. Review all aftercare methods with your patient to ensure these reactions resolve quickly. This is not a complete list of possible side effects.

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