SUPARTZ® Italian

Pack Size : 5 pre-filled syringes

Strength : 2.5ml

Manufacturer : Seikagaku Corp.

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SUPARTZ® English 2.5ml 5 pre-filled syringes

SUPARTZ® English

Pack Size : 5 pre-filled syringes

Strength : 2.5ml

Manufacturer : Seikagaku Corp.

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Where can I buy SUPARTZ® online?

SUPARTZ® injections can be an effective way to relieve osteoarthritis symptoms and delay OA surgery. If you are a licenced medical professional such as a doctor, hospital, or clinic, you can order SUPARTZ® online from You can also purchase wholesale SUPARTZ® by phone from one of our friendly customer service associates to help relieve your patient's osteoarthritis pain.

Who would be interested in purchasing SUPARTZ® treatments?

SUPARTZ®, also known as ARTZAL®, was developed to help relieve osteoarthritis symptoms in the knee and other joints. Whether your patients developed osteoarthritis as they got older, or they developed osteoarthritis from obesity or other causes, SUPARTZ® can help relive their OA symptoms. Doctors like you often administer SUPARTZ® injections after other treatments, such as medication or physiotherapy, have failed, but you can also use SUPARTZ® to supplement these other OA treatments. SUPARTZ® can also be an effective way for your patients to delay their osteoarthritis surgery.

Why does SUPARTZ® relieve osteoarthritis symptoms?

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage and synovial fluid in the joints breaks down. When this happens, the bones contact and rub together, causing inflammation and pain. SUPARTZ® helps by replacing the synovial fluid, acting as a lubricant as well as a cushion in the joints, preventing the bones from rubbing together.

What are some of the side effects my patients might experience with SUPARTZ® treatments?

SUPARTZ® is made from sodium hyaluronate, a naturally-occurring substance similar to synovial fluid in the human body. Most patients do not experience severe side effects from SUPARTZ® injections, but if your patient is allergic to birds, eggs, or feathers, they should not get SUPARTZ® injections because SUPARTZ® is sourced from rooster combs. Side effects from SUPARTZ® treatments could include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, headache, and a swollen knee, as well as injection-related side effects like itching, pain at the injection site, or bruising.

When should I tell my patients to come in for their next SUPARTZ® injection?

Your patients will need between three and five SUPARTZ® injections, and they should get these a week apart. Although some patients will notice osteoarthritis relief right away, others will need the full five injections to relieve their symptoms. However, after this round of SUPARTZ® injections, your patients should continue to feel better for up to six months. Since your patients will be returning each week for their SUPARTZ® injections, make sure you purchase plenty of SUPARTZ® from Doctor Medica to be prepared. Your patients will be pleased with the reduction in their osteoarthritis symptoms that SUPARTZ® provides.

Through, cosmetic and orthopaedic medications are offered wholesale to licensed practitioners, clinics and hospitals. Go to, call 1-866-343-2413, or e-mail for more information. *Doctor Medica offers only genuine SUPARTZ® manufactured by Seikagaku Corp. All brands listed here including SUPARTZ® are the trademarks of their respective owners and Doctor Medica is not affiliated with them in any way.

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