Manufacturer : Solta Medical

Strength : 450 REP

Pack Size : 1 piece


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Where can I get this product?

Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP is a Treatment Tip used for Thermage treatment on the eyelids. You can purchase it by phone or via Order Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP at wholesale prices from Doctor Medica to address skin laxity concerns in the periorbital area.

Product Information

What does this product come with?

A package of this product comes with a single Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP and a package insert. This Treatment Tip is for a single use only.

What are the benefits of this product?

Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP, when attached to a Thermage device, precisely and safely delivers uniform collagen heating to the skin around the eyes to help in tightening and firming wrinkles and lifting drooping eyelids. Thermage treatment is energy-based and is a good alternative to surgical approaches like eyelifts, as it is noninvasive and associated with a low risk of complications.

What is this product made of?

The Thermage system provides an energy-based treatment to help tighten targeted skin. A Thermage device does this by generating radiofrequency energy, which is channeled through a Treatment Tip attached to a Handpiece. Thermage devices also have a cryogen unit that cools the skin surface while treatment is delivered. Additionally, Thermage CPT, the flagship model of the Thermage system, has a Handpiece that provides simultaneous application of radiofrequency energy and skin vibration for the purpose of reducing pain.

When Thermage Treatment Tips make contact with the surface of the patient’s skin, they deliver the energy produced from the Thermage device they are attached to. The size and geometry of a tip determines the surface are it can treat, its heating profile, and depth of the radiofrequency pulse it transmits. Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP is designed for use on thin periorbital skin, as it has a shallow heating profile and is configured to deliver up to 450 pulses in a session.

How does this work to help my patients?

With age, the skin becomes more inelastic and starts to sag due to a loss of collagen. Around the eyes, skin laxity causes aesthetic concerns such as thin eyelids, hooding, and fine lines.

Thermage treatment revolves around the use of a unipolar radiofrequency current. This radiofrequency current penetrates into the targeted skin, where this current creates heat. The heating occurs in the underlying deep dermis and subcutaneous fibrous septae of the targeted skin, where the heat denatures collagen, causing shrinkage and contraction of tissue. This skin tightening effect is further extended by the secondary effect of collagen heating, which stimulates fibroblast activity and the deposition of new collagen. Overall, Thermage treatment, including treatment done with Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP, results in a skin tightening effect that occurs over a period of two to six months post-treatment.

Use Instructions

How do I use this product?

Thermage treatment is a medical procedure conducted at the doctor’s office and should be administered only by trained and qualified physicians. It is recommended that pre-procedure photographs be taken so as to assess the ensuing results. Before the procedure, the patient is required to remove any contact lenses that they are wearing. The eyelid area is prepared by cleansing the skin and removing any makeup. Several drops of numbing eye drops are then instilled into the eyes so that sterile intraocular shields can be placed in a comfortable manner. A grounding pad is attached to the patient’s body, usually on their stomach or lower back. A temporary grid stencil denoting appropriate pulse placement may be applied to the treatment area, and coupling fluid is applied in a thick layer onto the treatment area.

The treatment then proceeds with the delivery of energy pulses to the skin of the upper and lower eyelids. The delivery of these pulses is done in a non-overlapping and non-staggered “stamped” mode via a Handpiece that has Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP as the Treatment Tip. Once the delivery of the energy is complete, the grid is removed with isopropanol, and the skin is cleansed.

How long will the treatment take?

A normal eyelid Thermage treatment usually takes around one hour to complete, depending on the surface area of the treatment site.
Younger patients with mild or moderate skin laxity may find that a single session is enough to provide the desired effects, but older patients may need two treatments.

What can I use it for?

When attached to the Handpiece of a Thermage device, Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP can be used to tighten the skin of the eyelids and periorbital area, thereby smoothing out minor wrinkles, reducing hooding, and reconditioning thin skin in the process.

What areas should I use this product on?

Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP is meant to treat the periorbital area, including the upper and lower eyelids. This encompasses the eyelid skin that goes right up to the eyelid border, up to the brow area, and down to the eye socket bone. Thermage is the first and only radiofrequency platform to gain FDA approval for noninvasive eyelid treatment; it gained this approval in 2007.

How long do the results last?

The results of Thermage treatment with this Treatment Tip can last for at least two years. The effects fade as the aging process continues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this product?

As the thin and delicate skin around the eyes are especially prone to the effects of aging, rejuvenation treatments in this area are in high demand. Thermage treatment offers a noninvasive alternative to eyelid surgery and can address common aging cosmetic concerns in the periorbital area, such as periorbital lines, eyelid hooding, and wrinkly eyelids, in a convenient and painless manner.

Who is this product intended for?

Patients in their 30s to 60s who are looking to correct minor to moderate eyelid skin laxity are good candidates for treatment. However, women who are or may be pregnant; patients with an implanted medical device, such as internal cardiac defibrillators or pacemakers; and patients with an active skin infection in the planned treatment site should not be treated with a Thermage device.

What are the side effects?

Patients can expect some redness and swelling immediately after their Thermage treatment, but these effects usually subside within 24 hours.

Rare complications that have been reported with Thermage treatment include altered sensation or tingling in the treatment area; mild superficial skin injury resulting in crusting, scabs, or blisters; and minute tissue irregularities that are usually temporary but may be permanent.

This is not a complete list of side effects. Please refer to the package insert provided with Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip 450 REP for a full list of contraindications, precautions, and potential adverse effects of Thermage treatment with this Treatment Tip.

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