Manufacturer : Marllor Biomedical

Active Substance(s) : Motolese's solution

Pack Size : 10-8ml vials

Accessories : Package insert


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Where can I get this product?

You can place your orders on in order to receive genuine products directly supplied from the manufacturers with complete quality assurance. The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. To order, click on Brands followed by Aqualyx. Select the quantity you need and enter the necessary payment and shipment details in the form. You will receive Aqualyx at your door step.

Product Information

What does this product come with?

10 vials of 8ml, Package Insert

What are the benefits of this product?

When exercise and diet do not help to reduce the fat from stubborn areas, Aqualyx injections are helpful. These injections when given in conjunction with ultrasound procedures for fat reductions add to the slimming results. 

What is this product made of?

The following is the composition of Aqualyx injections:

  • Polymer of 3,6-Anhydro-L-Galactose and D-Galactose (0.5%), buffer systems (4.2%), sodium salt, 3,12-dihydroxy-5-cholan-24-acid (7.5%), water for injection purposes (87%), and sodium chloride (0.8%).
  • 12α-dihydroxy-5β-24-oico cholanic acid sodium salt alters the fat cell membranes.

How does this work to help my patients?

The composition of Aqualyx is very similar to the enzymes present in bile produced by the liver. These enzymes are responsible for breaking down fat in the digestive system before it gets eliminated. When these enzymes are injected in to the fatty area, it breaks the walls of the fat cells, dissolving them and flushing them out into the lymphatic system. This helps to achieve a great toning and firming of the treated body part.

Use Instructions

How do I use this product?

Only a licensed practitioner should perform the procedure of administrating Aqualyx injections. The necessary aseptic measures should be taken and Aqualyx is injected post anesthesia with the use of cannulas. Two injections can be administered to the same area and can be repeated after four week interval till the desired results are achieved. Two to eight sets of injections may be required.
How long will the treatment take?
Depending on the area to be treated, the entire procedure may take anywhere around 30 to 60 minutes.

What can I use it for?

Aqualyxis a multipurpose solution that helps to reduce or emulsify the accumulated fat from various stubborn areas. These areas are often very difficult to trim or tone despite intense exercise or dieting. Aqualyx has shown amazing results for conditions like pseudogynecomastia in men. It is a revolutionary solution to reduce stubborn fat from body parts. Thus, it is used as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.
What areas should I use this product on?
Aqualyx injections are highly recommended for the following areas:

  • Back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Chin
  • Stomach
  • Pseudogynecomastia in males
  • Knees
  • Underneath the buttocks (saddlebags)

How long do the results last?
Ideally, if one can assure no weight gain post these injections, the results can stay life-long. Once the free fatty acids are emulsified and drained through the lymphatic system, they rarely re-appear. However, results vary between individuals depending on their health, lifestyle, and regime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this product?

The most time-saving way to purchase a product is the online mode, via a website. To assure you the best price and only genuine products, delivers original Aqualyx directly from the manufacturers. We aid the customers via email, phone, and chats. From Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, customers are helped to solve their queries.

Who is this product intended for?

Adults struggling to lose unwanted deposits of fat from particular areas of the body using non-invasive methods are the ideal candidates for Aqualyx injections. Adults, who are tired of dieting and exercising without much results can benefit significantly in trimming by using this cellulite busting solution. Those looking for the simplest and easiest solution for problems like double chin, saddlebags, or psedogynecomastia are ones who can opt for this procedure.

What are the side effects?

Clinical evidence has shown some mild side effects like skin irritation, bruising, and edema at the injection site. These usually resolve in few days.

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This is an amazing product for permanent fat removal
I have been able to help people address hard to lose areas of fat. This product is very effective!

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