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Treat your patients with high-quality injectables, target fine lines, and deep wrinkles, eliminate scars, and give their skin a glowing, youthful appearance. Get the best dermal filler brands at Doctor Medica, fast and easy. Also known as cosmetic fillers, dermal fillers are well-known to any beauty practitioner working with lip augmentation, wrinkle treatment, and a variety of other procedures. If you are new to the topic, here are some basics you need to learn before you buy injectable dermal fillers online.

Before You Order A Dermal Filler: What You Need To Know

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are used for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, either to add some volume to the lips or cheeks or to eliminate signs of aging like frowns, crow’s feet, and laugh lines. In most cases, it’s a clear gel made either of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite that is injected into a patient’s face or other areas in need of treatment. The results are non-permanent and gradually fade away within 6-12 months when the procedure can be repeated. The key benefits of cosmetic fillers sold online include but are not limited to:
  • Minimize the visibility of scars
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Can be used to plump lips, cheeks, and jawline
  • Provide long-lasting yet not permanent results
  • Can be paired with other treatments

Areas Where Dermal Filler Products Can Be Used

The best thing about dermal fillers is that they are very versatile: a single product can be used for a variety of purposes, so you can provide your patients with all-inclusive level of service without buying a dozen of different products. The primary targets for dermal fillers use are:
  • To volumize lips
  • To plump cheeks
  • To fill in frown lines on the forehead
  • To reshape the nose or chin
  • To eliminate nasolabial folds
  • To reduce crow’s feet around the eyes
  • To even out scars, both on the face and body

Approved Uses of Dermal Fillers

Despite the wide list of treatments available with dermal fillers, the FDA has only approved the use of such products for the following areas:
  • Non-absorbable fillers: nasolabial folds and cheek acne scars
  • Absorbable fillers: moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds and perioral lines
  • Augmentation: cheeks, lips, chin, back of the hand
Besides, dermal fillers are approved for contour deficiencies correction and the restoration and correction of lipoatrophy signs in people with HIV.

Common Risks

Just like any other injectable, dermal fillers have a list of risks and possible side effects that patients should be informed about. The most common risks are those at the injection site:
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Itching
  • Rash
Less common side effects of FDA-approved dermal fillers include:
  • Granulomas
  • Open wounds
  • Allergic reaction
  • Infection
  • Necrosis
There have also been reports of rare severe risks, including anaphylactic shock, filler migration, hard nodules, and blood supply injuries leading to a stroke, although the latter is the result of the unintended injection into a blood vessel, not a filler itself.

Dermal fillers for Sale: What's The Cost of These Products?

The essential question that worries medical practitioners in search of dermal fillers for sale is how to get the original product at the lowest possible price. Here at DoctorMedica, we can help you buy facial fillers online without paying more than necessary. As we are working with a vast network of international suppliers, we can provide you with the best deals and make the process fast and easy. The price for dermal fillers varies from one product to another and you can score a discount on bulk purchases.

Popular Dermal Fillers To Buy Online in the USA or Canada

At DoctorMedica, we are working with a chain of international dermal fillers suppliers, which gives us the opportunity to offer our clients a wide choice of the most popular and beloved brands. Here are some of the dermal fillers you can buy online with our help:

Buy Restylane fillers

Restylane is an injectable cosmetic filler made by Galderma. It was designed to correct facial wrinkles and folds, as well as to volumize lips. It is a clear gel made of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA). Restylane is approved by FDA, and Restylane Lyft is the first and only HA injectable gel to be FDA-approved for use on the back of the hands.

Buy Radiesse filler online

Unlike Restylane fillers, Radiesse has synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite as the key ingredient. It’s a semi-permanent dermal filler developed by Merz Aesthetics, which is a subsidiary of the Merz Pharma Group. It’s known for long-lasting effects against wrinkles, folds, and skin depressions. Radiesse is approved by the FDA for anti-wrinkle use, as well as for the use on the back of the hands to restore volume and reduce the appearance of veins and tendons.

Buy Princess filler

The Princess dermal filler is developed by Croma-Pharma. It’s a hyaluronic acid gel approved by the FDA and certified by CT to smooth out lines and wrinkles, contour areas such as the cheeks and chin, and add volume to the lips. Princess filler is also a common solution for nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Buy Teosyal filler

Teosyal is a wide range of hyaluronic-based dermal fillers manufactured by Teoxane Laboratories in Switzerland. It’s known for being non-allergic due to reduced protein and bacterial endotoxin, as well as due to the highest purity of hyaluronic acid. Teosyal fillers are used for a variety of non-permanent cosmetic treatments, including line and wrinkle correction, depth filling, skin hydration, and lip enhancement.

Buy Filorga Art filler with Lidocaine

Filorga is one of the most famous cosmetic brands, and its Art Filler with Lidocaine is one of its most well-known products. It’s widely used for lifting procedures, as well as for sculpting, contouring, lip enhancing, etc. The addition of lidocaine makes it perfect for patients sensitive to injections, as it significantly reduces the potential discomfort.

Types Of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are distinguished not only by brands but also by the areas they can be used for. With the help of DoctorMedica, you’ll be able to find the right products to fit every need of your patients and provide them with the highest quality of service.

Lip Fillers: How to Buy Online

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, so no wonder so many medical practitioners are looking for a place to buy original and high-quality lip fillers online like Juvederm, Belotero, Fillmed, and others. With the help of DoctorMedica shop, you can buy the most popular brands of lip injections online. We work with international suppliers offering a wide range of products, from laugh line fillers to those used for lip augmentation. To make your request, simply fill in a contact form, and we will reach you back with all the info you need to know about lip fillers available for order.

Buying Cheek Fillers Online

The cheeks are one of the parts of our faces that lose volume as we age, resulting in sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. Such signs of aging can be reduced or even eliminated completely by cheek fillers. If your patients are interested in cheek filling procedures, you can access the wide range of products via the DoctorMedica website. With us, you can expect original products, free shipping for larger orders, and a price-match policy.

Buy Eye Wrinkle Filler Online

Eyes are the mirror of the soul, they say. That’s why so many patients want to restore their youthful look and reduce signs of aging around the eyes with the help of eye wrinkle fillers. Besides, such fillers can be used to fight puffiness and dark circles. Just like most other fillers, they gradually fade, completely dissolving in the body over time. Contact us to get your best offer for eye fillers as well as other kinds of professional products. At DoctorMedica, we aim to make dermal fillers easily available to medical practitioners in the US and Canada at the best prices.

Dermal Fillers — Make A Wholesale Order Online

With our help, certified medical professionals can access high-quality dermal products and make a wholesale order at a lower price. We offer special terms to the wholesale buyers of dermal fillers, which can basically be reduced to one simple rule: buy more — pay less. Reach us now to get a wholesale offer and purchase dermal fillers in the US or Canada.


Where to buy dermal fillers online?

DoctorMedica is the best place to look for dermal fillers and other professional cosmetics online. We guarantee that the products are 100% genuine and offer wholesale prices to those buying in bulk through our shop.

Who can order Botox?

Only licensed medical practitioners are allowed to buy and use Botox. We care a lot about the health and safety of our clients and will check your medical license before approving your order.

Where to buy lip filler injections?

A wide variety of lip fillers is available for your disposal at DoctorMedica. Here, you can find popular brands like Juvederm, Belotero, Princess, and others.

Where to buy Juvederm filler?

Juvederm is hands down one of the most popular brands of dermal fillers. With the help of DoctorMedica, you can access a whole range of Juvederm products, including Juvederm Volux, Juvederm Voluma, Juvederm Volift, and so on.

Where to buy hyaluronic acid filler?

All kinds of high-quality hyaluronic acid fillers are available for sale from our chain of international dermal filler suppliers. Contact us to purchase such popular brands of hyaluronic fillers as Juvederm, Revofil, Teosyal, and others at the best price.


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