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If you are a beauty practitioner, you know how challenging it is to find high-quality supplies. Get in touch with us and let us help you get the best products at the best price.

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Now that I found DoctorMedica, I don’t need to wonder where to buy Botox anymore. Everything me and my clients need is now available at a distance of several clicks, and the price is more than affordable.

- Dr. E. (North America)

DoctorMedica is truly the best place to buy Botox online. Everything comes with the manufacturer’s packaging, so I can be sure the products are 100% genuine, and the wholesale price is better than I could find elsewhere.

- Huguette H. (North America)

I’ve been in the cosmetic industry for many years and have worked with lots of suppliers. Some of them were okay, some were not. Now I don’t need to look for the best ones anymore, as DoctorMedica has everything collected in one place.

- Angel A. (North America)

What is the best place to buy BOTOX® online?

For the years we’ve been on the market, we’ve managed to build strong connections with some of the best medical and cosmetic suppliers around the world, and now we can help you order botox online on the best terms.

Providers we work with are offering the best deals to wholesale buyers, as well as to the medical practitioners who want to buy just several Botox vials of 50 or 100 units. We value our reputation and the health of your clients, so whether you buy Botox online in the USA or internationally with our help, you can be sure to get 100% genuine products delivered according to the standards.

Are you sure you’re getting your supplies at the best rates now? Double-check with us and see if we can give you a better offer (spoiler: we can).

How do I order BOTOX® as a provider?

We want all medical practitioners to have easy access to high-quality medical and cosmetic supplies, including Botox, professional skin care, thread lifts, etc. All you need to get all the info and your personal offer is to contact us via a short, convenient form you can find here.

We’ll contact you back as soon as you drop us a line and tell you more about how we can help you get what you are looking for.

Do you provide wholesale pricing?

We are glad to work both with retail and wholesale orders and will ensure that you get the best offer price-wise. While you’ll get the affordable price even when buying a single pack of dermal fillers, we’re offering special discounts to those buying in bulk. So, the more you buy — the lower the price.

All the orders above $799 are complemented with free shipping, and if you’re willing to recommend us to a colleague, you can expect to get a $500 credit for each referral.

Can I buy botox injection supplies on DoctorMedica?

Whether you are a beginner in beauty injections or an experienced medical professional, the question remains the same — where to buy high-quality Botox supplies at the best price?

Here in DoctorMedica, we are working with a network of international suppliers and can help you find the best products to make your clients happy. No need to look for supplies in your local stores anymore, as now you can get everything, from fillers to anesthetics, peels, and masks in one place — all genuine, packed, and sealed.

What are BOTOX® license requirements?

In the US, you are legally required to be a certified healthcare professional to administer Botox and other beauty injections. The usual requirements include having a medical license in the state where you are going to perform injections and a valid certificate of the Botox training program.

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