Controversy Surrounds New Scrotox Trend



A new trend is hitting plastic surgery clinics and stirring up plenty of controversy.

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A new trend is hitting plastic surgery clinics and stirring up plenty of controversy. Thanks to Hollywood gossip and media attention, more men are wondering if Scrotox would work for them, and more doctors are wondering whether to jump on board with this new plastic surgery trend.

What is Scrotox?

The nickname Scrotox refers to exactly what it sounds like: Botox injections in the scrotum. The idea is that while Botox is best known for relaxing facial muscles to make wrinkled skin appear smooth, its muscle-relaxing properties could make improvements to the genital area as well. While it may sound painful, and it may make many wonder why men would even consider the procedure, there are a few different ways that the Botox injections can help men look and feel better.

4 Uses for Scrotox Injections

1. Smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin

Much like the face, scrotal skin can become more loose and wrinkled with age. When men become self-conscious about their aged appearance, they may turn to botulinum toxin injections to smooth and tighten their skin for a more youthful texture. As many women turn to vaginal rejuvenation injections, men too are seeking cosmetic improvements for their genitals.

2. The illusion of size

As men opted for botulinum toxin injections to smooth wrinkles, they discovered an added bonus. As the injections help relax muscles and wrinkles, the skin smooths out and expands, making the scrotum appear larger. With larger genitals such a common wish among men, it is no surprise this treatment is gaining popularity.

3. Reducing sweat

While many women, and men, are turning to botulinum toxin injections to reduce their underarm sweating, that is not the only area where sweat can become a problem. Much like the unsightly sweat stains on a shirt, runners, cyclists, and other athletes can experience embarrassing sweat stains in their groin area, not to mention the discomfort. Some doctors discovered more and more athletes were coming to them for solutions for groin sweat, and Botox seemed like the right solution. The botulinum toxin is approved in the U.S. for underarm sweating, so these doctors reasoned groin sweating would be an appropriate off-label use for the versatile neurotoxin. Botox injections can block chemical messengers, so that nerves are not able to signal muscles to move, or in this case, sweat glands to release sweat. With less sweating, athletes and others can both look and feel better as they go about their active day.

4. Reducing scrotal pain

One study looked into the possible use of botulinum toxin injections to reduce chronic scrotal pain. The study discovered that these injections do help to reduce pain and tenderness for some men, with results lasting about three months.

Cue the Scrotox controversy

As the Scrotox injections gain popularity, many doctors are happy to help their patients get the treatment they seek. Since the injections are already approved for facial wrinkles and sweating, the off-label use of Botox in the scrotum is not a stretch, so to speak. Although needle pain is a concern, local anesthetics can help, and doctors insist the injections are not as painful as some may think. Botox does have the potential for side effects, but so do the facial injections that have become so commonplace in clinics around the world.

However, some doctors do have concerns about the new Scrotox procedures. They worry about the effect of the toxin on fertility with changes to scrotum size. Just as tight underwear can reduce sperm production, some wonder if botulinum toxins may have a similar effect as they tighten the skin. However, others point out that the injections actually loosen the skin as the relaxed muscles allow the scrotal skin to expand. As controversial as the effect on fertility may be, this is just one example of the unknowns of Scrotox injections. Although there is anecdotal evidence of doctors successfully performing the procedure, there is little scientific literature besides the pain study. Some doctors are calling for studies into the effectiveness of, and the possible side effects of, scrotal injections before offering these procedures in their own medical practice.

Alternatives to Scrotox

Scrotox is not the only solution to an aging scrotum. Doctors use surgery to not only tighten the look of wrinkled skin but to also reduce the size of the scrotum. Some athletes and others may find that a large scrotum can cause discomfort and irritation with movement, but tightening the skin and muscle through surgery can help alleviate these problems. The outpatient procedure uses local or twilight anesthesia and can take about half an hour to an hour. Although Botox injections may be less invasive, the surgery can provide lasting results compared to just a few months for the injections.

Whatever the reason, more and more patients seem to be seeking improvements that extend well beyond their face. As Scrotox gains awareness among men, women are turning to their own specialized vaginal injections for fullness and hydration, such as Desirial. As the treatments help both men and women feel better about their bodies, more and more doctors are incorporating these treatments into their medical practice.

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