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The implantation of Juvederm is ideal for correcting eye bags. Certified and experienced medical practitioners should inject the aesthetic implant into the hollowed region near the eye bag to help mask the severity.

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Common aesthetic under-eye concerns

The under-eye area—also known as the tear trough—is the delicate region that extends outwards and downwards from the inner corner of the eye. The skin in this tear trough area is one of the thinnest layers of skin in the human body at only 0.5mm thick. This under-eye area is susceptible to dermal damage and premature aging signs, such as hollowness, fine lines, darkness, and puffiness. One of the most common tear trough imperfections is periorbital puffiness, which is known as eye bags.

What are eye bags and its causes?

Eye bags are characterized by the appearance of abnormally swollen tissues around the eyes. One of the major causes of eye bags is the accumulation of fluid around the eyes. This condition is common among those who indulge in a diet that is rich in salt, as high sodium intake can disrupt the normal balance of fluid in the body, resulting in water retention in tissues and the formation of eye bags. Besides high salt consumption, certain underlying conditions like menstruation and pregnancy can also cause retention of fluid in the body. Some patients also develop eye bags if they do not have adequate sleep. In addition, allergic reactions can also result in eye bags, as the release of histamines can exacerbate swelling. Allergens also progressively increase the build-up rate of fluid under the eyes, which can also contribute to the development of eye bags. Aging can also create eye bags because the tissue around your eyelids becomes weaker as it ages, which allows fat to accumulate under your eyes. If left untreated, patients can appear older than their chronological age. 

What is the best Juvederm filler to correct eye bags?

Patients with eye bags may initially resort to eye creams and makeup to conceal the puffiness. Though these methods are effective, they are only successful for a short period of time. Aesthetic procedures like the implantation of a dermal filler may be more successful at treating eye bags for a longer period of time. In this respect, the Juvederm Ultra collection  can be used to reduce the severity of eye bags. This means Juvederm Ultra 2, Juvederm Ultra 3 and Juvederm Ultra 4 if you are in Europe. In the USA these products are known as Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Ultra XC Plus. Juvederm is a brand of soft tissue filler that is manufactured by Allergan, an international pharmaceutical company. This injectable gel is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid molecules that are sourced via biofermentation. The filler is completely biodegradable and will be metabolized gradually by the surrounding tissues.

How does Juvederm help to correct eye bags?

The implantation of Juvederm is ideal for correcting eye bags. Certified and experienced medical practitioners should inject the aesthetic implant into the hollowed region near the eye bag to help mask the severity.

How is Juvederm injected to correct eye bags?

Prior to the implantation of Juvederm, it is very important for a qualified and skilled medical practitioner to thoroughly examine the patient’s medical history to ensure that they are suitable for hyaluronic acid based-filler implantations. Besides that, an extensive facial assessment is equally important to determine the severity of eye bags and the amount of aesthetic corrections required for a complete yet natural-looking result. Patients must also be informed of the possible side effects that they might experience and the proper aftercare methods to reduce the post-procedural downtime. Once they are deemed ready, commence the procedure by cleaning and sanitizing the proposed area of treatment. The synthetic hyaluronic acid filler can then be injected into the under-eye grooves to seamlessly soften the appearance of eye bags. Caution must be taken to avoid overcorrection, so as to prevent the worsening of eye bags.

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