Neurobloc And Myobloc Side Effects List



NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC may cause side effects similar to other botulinum toxins.

Doctor Medica team

What are the side effects of NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC?

NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC may cause side effects similar to other botulinum toxins.

Common NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC side effects include:

  1. Flu-like symptoms
  2. Cough
  3. Runny nose
  4. Headache
  5. Dizziness
  6. Drowsiness
  7. Back or neck pain

And others such as anxiety, sensitivity to light, dry mouth, dry eyes, nausea, indigestion, sweating, muscle weakness at or near the injection site, and pain, tenderness, redness, or swelling at the injection site.

More severe MYOBLOC and NEUROBLOC side effects requiring medical attention could include:

  1. Difficulty swallowing or breathing
  2. Wheezing
  3. Shortness of breath

And others such as chest pain, irregular heartbeat, blurred or double vision, drooping eyelid, paralysis, fever, chills, pneumonia, loss of strength, loss of bladder control, muscle weakness or dizziness, changes in speech, swollen hands or feet, vaginal irritation, bleeding at the injection site, or an allergic reaction including symptoms like a swollen mouth, lips, tongue, or face, a rash or hives, difficulty breathing, or tightness in the chest.

There is a chance the toxin effects of NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC could spread to other parts of the body and cause serious health issues and possibly death. Contraindications of NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC include an infection at the injection site, an allergy to botulinum toxins or any ingredient in NEUROBLOC and MYOBLOC, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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