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Remove Fat and Cellulite

Our products are made of deoxycholic acid, enzymes, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, or other ingredients to help smooth and sculpt areas of the body. Your clients affected by stubborn pockets of fat after weight loss, cellulite, or uneven skin after liposuction want the best aesthetic treatments to restore their body to a more sculpted appearance, and they turn to you for dermatological advice. When you are wondering where to buy the best fat and cellulite removal products to treat your patients, shop online at Doctor Medica for the most affordable wholesale prices.


Lipotherapy (Lipodissolve) Treatment

Lipotherapy consists in applying injectables to dissolve fat cells. As the cell walls dissolve, the lipids contained in these cells are released and processed naturally by the body's lymphatic system. These destroyed fat cells can no longer hold fat, so the targeted area becomes reduced in size.


Areas Of Treatment

Fat-dissolving injections are not appropriate for large amounts of weight loss, they can help sculpt stubborn areas such as the chin, thighs, stomach, breasts, or other regions of the body. One area of fat may require two to eight sets of injections, and these lipotherapy treatments can have permanent results as long as your patients do not gain more weight. With growing concern about weight loss among your patients, products designed to help you sculpt your patient's bodies are a must-have for cosmetic surgery clinics like yours.


Types Of Injections For Sale


Deoxycholic Acid Based Injectables

Weight loss is a concern for many of your patients, but even when they lose weight through diet, exercise, or surgery, stubborn pockets of fat may remain. Products containing deoxycholic acid, a natural enzyme found in the body, dissolve fat cells. 


This product contains deoxycholic acid and can help you contour your patient's body.


Injectables With Amino Acids

These products use amino acids and other ingredients to restructure adipose tissue, also called gynoid lipodystrophy, to remove cellulite. By using nutrients to remove toxins and improve circulation within an area, researchers believe these cellulite-removing injections help reduce the pressure of fat cells on the skin, so the surface skin is restored to a more even texture. 



This product contains amino acids. With cellulite affecting a large percentage of women, these cellulite-reducing injections are becoming more popular in cosmetic surgery clinics.


Body Contour Fillers

Injectable fillers can also add volume to sculpt the buttocks, calves, or other areas. Weight loss is a major concern, many women are also affected by cellulite, with small skin depressions giving an uneven texture to the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, or other areas. Although patients usually want to remove weight from an area, and they might have opted for liposuction, sometimes more volume is needed for body-sculpting. 



Lipotherapy treatments require special needles to deliver the products deep into the adipose tissue.



These needles are long enough and have the appropriate gauge to deliver deoxycholic acid solutions to the target area, and they are available in two sizes. When buying Aqualyx® or other solutions, be sure to order these needles as well for optimal treatment.


Offering The Best Brands

We can help you reduce stubborn pockets of fat and an uneven skin texture after weight loss. With products targeting different aspects of body sculpting, you can select the best treatment for your patient's particular condition. Your patients trust you to find the most appropriate products for their needs, so shop at Doctor Medica for the best fat and cellulite removal brands at affordable wholesale prices.

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