Pack Size : 1 pre-filled syringe

Strength : 2ml

Manufacturer : Anika Therapeutics

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ORTHOVISC® Non-English

Pack Size : 1 pre-filled syringe

Strength : 2mL

Manufacturer : Anika Therapeutics

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Where can I buy ORTHOVISC®?

ORTHOVISC® is an injectable treatment for osteoarthritis symptoms, and you can purchase ORTHOVISC® online from DoctorMedica.co or by phone. Order wholesale ORTHOVISC® from Doctor Medica to give your patients relief from osteoarthritis pain.


ORTHOVISC® is an injectable, ultra pure, high molecular weight hyaluronan treatment for osteoarthritis (OA). You would usually inject ORTHOVISC® into your patient's knee or other joint in an office or clinic setting. ORTHOVISC® can help give your patients relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms such as inflammation, stiffness, and pain when other treatments are no longer effective.

How does ORTHOVISC® relieve osteoarthritis symptoms?

Osteoarthritis is characterized by the degradation of cartilage and synovial fluid within the knee joint or other joints, often associated with aging, injury, and participation in high impact physical activities. This reduces the lubrication and cushion available in the joint, leading to more friction as your patients move and their bones begin to rub together. This friction causes osteoarthritis symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and pain. As your patient's osteoarthritis progresses, the cartilage may also break off in large pieces to cause more irritation within the knee joint, and growths called bone spurs may develop. By injecting ORTHOVISC® directly into the knee joint, you are replacing the degraded synovial fluid and providing lubrication and cushioning to the knee. This reduces friction within the joint as your patient moves, leading to less inflammation and stiffness and greater mobility.

Why choose ORTHOVISC® to treat osteoarthritis?

The first line of defense when it comes to osteoarthritis symptoms usually includes physiotherapy, exercise, and medications for pain and inflammation. However, these treatments will eventually become less effective as the chronic disease progresses. ORTHOVISC® injections can replace or supplement other osteoarthritis therapies and help avoid knee surgery by providing relief from pain and stiffness. While many other brands of osteoarthritis injections are made from chicken combs, ORTHOVISC® comes from bacteria so it is safe for patients that have a bird, egg, or feather allergy.

When do I give ORTHOVISC® injections?

A series of ORTHOVISC® treatments involves three or four injections a week apart. Some patients may experience some relief after their first ORTHOVISC® injection, but most people need three or four ORTHOVISC® injections to get maximum relief from their osteoarthritis symptoms. Most patients will experience up to six months of relief from osteoarthritis pain after their ORTHOVISC® treatments. After six months, you can repeat a series of ORTHOVISC® treatments if your patient wishes, and you can also use ORTHOVISC® to treat both of your patient's knees at the same time.

What are the side effects of ORTHOVISC® injections?

Common ORTHOVISC® side effects include pain at the injection site, mild bruising, heat, swelling, redness, temporary knee inflammation, an achy feeling, and headache. Rarely, ORTHOVISC® could also cause a severe allergic reaction including difficulty breathing, a tight feeling in the chest, hives, a rash, and swollen mouth, lips, tongue, or face. Since ORTHOVISC® comes from bacteria, not from birds, it should be safe for patients who are allergic to birds, eggs, or feathers. ORTHOVISC® contraindications include a knee infection, a skin infection around the knee, and hemophilia or another bleeding or blood clotting disorder. The effects of ORTHOVISC® on an unborn or breastfeeding baby are not known.

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