Azzalure Side Effects: Most Common And Rare Listed Out

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AZZALURE® most common side effects can include

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What are the side effects of AZZALURE®?

AZZALURE® most common side effects can include:

  1. Bleeding at the injection site
  2. Bruising
  3. Irritation
  4. Itching
  5. Rash
  6. Redness
  7. Swelling
  8. Headache

Rarer AZZALURE® side effects can include:

  1. Tired eyes
  2. Watery eyes
  3. Eyelid ptosis (drooping)
  4. Diplopia (double vision)
  5. Brow droop
  6. Facial paralysis
  7. Twitching eye muscles
  8. Dizziness
  9. Eye movement disorder
  10. Itchy and lumpy rash
  11. Muscle weakness
  12. Difficulty swallowing
  13. Allergic reaction

Side effects are usually mild to moderate, usually occurring within the first week after an injection and resolving quickly. These may not be all the possible AZZALURE® side effects

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