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The tear trough region refers to the area below the eye that extend downwards and outwards from the inner corner of the eye.

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What is a tear trough?

The tear trough region refers to the area below the eye that extend downwards and outwards from the inner corner of the eye. This delicate under eye area is prone to premature aging and skin deformities, including excessive darkness, puffiness, and hollowness. This proneness to deformity has much to do with the fact that the skin is extremely thin at under 1mm.

A lot of people display signs of aging on their tear trough regions. Some of the usually reported aesthetic problems are hollowness and darkness. The tear trough areas become sunken when the suborbicularis oculi fat pads get depleted due to aging or medical factors. In some cases, hollowness under the eye is obvious when the fat tissues around the upper cheek area also get diminished. This causes the underlying muscles and complex network of blood vessels to be apparent through the skin, resulting in darkening of the under-eye area. Besides that, harsh handling of the skin (e.g. while removing makeup or constantly rubbing the eyes) may cause the tiny blood capillaries to rupture and intensify the ‘‘panda eye’’ appearance. In addition, unhealthy lifestyle habits, like inadequate rest, smoking, and excessive exposure to sunlight, can cause more damage to the already fragile skin. If left uncorrected, the aesthetic imperfections may make patients look exhausted or older than their actual age.

What is the best Juvederm filler to correct tear trough concerns?

A Healthy lifestyle and high-quality skincare products can help to reduce the severity of the tear trough deformities, but they can be time-consuming. In some cases, a little bit of makeup can also help to conceal the skin problems temporarily. For rapid and durable improvements to the under eye aesthetic imperfections, however, patients can instead resort to dermal filler injections. One of the best soft tissue implants to address these imperfections is Juvéderm®. The dermal fillers from this brand are made of completely synthetic hyaluronic acid molecules that are derived via biofermentation. The hyaluronic acid particles are highly purified to be free from any impurities before being reticulated into cross-linked, monophasic fillers. Due to their remarkably smooth consistency, Juvéderm fillers like Ultra and Ultra Plus can be injected easily into problematic tear trough regions.

How does Juvederm filler help to correct tear trough deformities?

The administration of Juvéderm implants will subtly plump the sunken area under the eyes. It will also help to mask the appearance of muscles and blood vessels underneath the skin; as a result, dark circles under the eyes will also be reduced, and patients will look rejuvenated.

How is Juvederm filler injected?

Just like any other minimally-invasive dermal filler injection session, patients’ medical information must first be reviewed to ensure that they are indeed suitable to receive hyaluronic acid-based filler injections. A pre-procedure consultation session is also reserved for the aesthetic assessment of patients’ tear trough issues; this allows the physicians to determine the amount of filler needed for adequate cosmetic correction. Medical practitioners must also make use of the pre-treatment consultation session to explain the possible reactions that their patients might experience, a step that is needed for the patients to provide their informed consent to undergo the procedure. Once they are deemed suitable and ready, the session is commenced by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the problematic tear trough regions. Since most Juvederm fillers come integrated with fast-acting lidocaine, additional anesthetic agent is usually not necessary. The filler is then injected slowly from the lateral aspect into the sunken and/or darkened under eye area. Care must be taken to ensure that the needle is inserted to the depth of the periosteum and followed laterally to the full extent of the concavity. If the tear trough deformities extend into the medial area of the eyelid near the nose, then the injections must be superficial, and only a minute amount of filler can be implanted. Physicians must be cautious of sudden movements by patients and avoid pointing the needle towards their eyes to prevent any injuries. Overcorrection of the tear trough must be avoided, and any leftover filler material and used medical supplies must be discarded in biological waste bins.   

How long will the results last?

Juvederm soft tissue implants deliver aesthetic improvements temporarily for about four to six months. This long residence time is possible due to the nature of the filler itself, as well as the lack of movement under the eyes. That being said, this completely biodegradable filler will be gradually metabolized into the surrounding tissues, but the exact residence time varies depending on patients’ age, skin condition, health status, and lifestyle. However, patients can certainly obtain more filler injections once the initial effects diminish.

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