Restylane For Lips Augmentation: Treatment Overview

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Last Updated On: 2024-01-26

The lips, which surround the entrance of the oral cavity, are made of only 3 to 5 layers of cell structures, including layers of skin, muscle, and oral mucosa.

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What is Restylane?

Restylane is a brand of soft tissue implants manufactured by Galderma that is composed of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA). The active ingredient—hyaluronic acid molecules—is extracted through biofermentation before being purified extensively to get rid of any potentially hazardous bacterial endotoxins.  The molecules are then reticulated with each other using the chemical reticulating agent, 1,4-butanedioldiglycidyl ether (BDDE). This brand of filler also employs patented manufacturing technologies, such as Optimal Balance Technology (OBT), to create a vast array of fillers suited to addressing specific aesthetic needs, from simple skin rejuvenation to correcting deep-set wrinkles. The resulting gel has a biphasic texture that will be disintegrated into the surrounding tissues gradually.

What is the best Restylane filler for lips?

Although the Restylane collection is made of different types of aesthetic fillers, the most commonly used implant to non-surgically augment undefined lips is Restylane Lyps™ with Lidocaine. This implant is made of 20mg/ml of cross-linked hyaluronic acid to enhance the shape of lips. As well, 0.3% fast-acting lidocaine has been integrated to ensure that patients are comfortable and free from pain throughout the aesthetic procedure. Following implantation, patients will enjoy beautiful plumped up lips for about six months before the filler disintegrates into the surrounding tissues. The residence time of the filler depends largely on patients€™ skin health, age, health condition, and lifestyle choices.

How is Restylane filler used to correct the lips?

Restylane Lyps™ with Lidocaine is meant to be injected into the submucosal layer of the lips for a pair of shapely lips. Once injected, the filler gel will moisturize and plump the remaining lip tissues, which will then be able to resist the various movements and pressures of the lips.

How is Restylane injected into the lips?

Injecting Restylane is a non-surgical lip augmentation procedure that only qualified specialists well-versed in injecting dermal fillers into the lips should perform. This procedure, like any other medical procedure, should adhere closely to aseptic medical standards. The patient’s medical information as it pertains to any underlying diseases, history of allergies, and medications and/or supplements taken must be reviewed thoroughly to reduce the risk of undesirable side effects. An aesthetic assessment of their lips must also be done to confirm the degree of correction needed. Just before commencing the treatment session, the proposed injection area must be cleaned and sanitized. The filler gel can then be slowly injected into the submucosal layer of the lips, with care made to avoid overcorrecting said lips, as it could result in “trout-pout.”

What are the side effects of non-surgical lip augmentation using Restylane filler?

Some of the commonly observed side effects following treatment are pain, swelling, redness, and bleeding. These localized reactions should subside within two weeks. However, the downtime can be greatly shortened if patients employ high-quality and appropriate aftercare methods like applying ice packs and gently massaging the injected areas. Patients who do experience adverse effects like tissue necrosis, infections, and granulomas are advised to get immediate medical attention to reduce the risk of major health complications.

Why Hyaluronic Acid In Restylane Helps

The lips, which surround the entrance of the oral cavity, are made of only 3 to 5 layers of cell structures, including layers of skin, muscle, and oral mucosa. This fleshy part of the mouth is not only useful for eating but also for enabling proper speech articulation and giving out relevant facial expressions. The extremely thin skin of the lips combined with its minimal amount of melanin (pigment cells) give it a rosy pink hue to the lips. The lips are also generously supplied with a vast network of blood vessels and nerves that makes them very sensitive to touch perceptions. The vermilion border is the sharp demarcation between the less keratinized lips and the highly keratinized adjacent normal skin. The shape and size of lips are influenced by genetics, ethnicity, and lifestyle habits and will fluctuate according to age. Just like any other parts of the body, lips will also succumb to the unavoidable aging process as the production and repair of various substances like collagen and hyaluronic acid decline, resulting in thinning of the lips. Additionally, some repeated mouth movements like puckering up while smoking will also lead to the formation of vertical lip lines.

What else can help plumbing lips besides Restylane injections?

There are many ways to treat thin and undefined lips. Some women with thin and undefined lips create the appearance of plumper lips using lip liners, as the practice of over drawing the lip borders can actually lead to temporary augmentation of the shape and size of lips. Besides that, some women may also use lip plumpers to volumize the lips for a short period of time. This type of cosmetic product usually contains ingredients like capsaicin, ginger, caffeine, and menthol, which will irritate the sensitive skin of the lips. Besides irritants, some lip plumpers contain niacin (Vitamin B3) as the active ingredient, so as to dilate the blood vessels. As a result, lips will indeed be volumized, but only on a non-permanent basis. If patients are looking for a quick solution that lasts longer than the aforementioned cosmetic products, dermal filler injections are an excellent choice. These biodegradable injectable gels are usually made of synthetic hyaluronic acid—the same cells that are found abundantly in the lips and skin—that will immediately plump the lips and erase any vertical lip wrinkles. Depending on the patients’ needs, some products will be more appropriate than others, but for a rapid and (relatively) long-lasting solution, dermal filler injections are often the best route for the treatment of thin and undefined lips.

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